Warli Art An Indigenous And Contemporary Indian Art Form

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Today, we will be discussing about warli art. Warli Art is an indigenous Indian art form from India. It is also widely practiced in the state of Maharashtra. It evolved from the crude drawings of the tribal people, who created the first depiction of human figure and natural resources in their surroundings with the help of simple tools.

The vast array of warli art work includes human figures, animals, birds and flower designs. The different designs are drawn with very basic tools like broomsticks or wooden combs or even a single hair attached to a piece of wood. With simple tools, they create some amazing and colorful forms that look quite modern.

A Little History About Warli Art:

This amazing art form originated in India’s western state Maharashtra, and was developed by tribal communities known as Warlis who live in this region. In this area, they use sticks or combs made of wood to apply natural dyes on a piece of canvas or cloth, which then becomes the theme for their painting. Their paintings depict stories from their everyday lives, and are exhibited with much pride at community gatherings and social functions.

The special thing about warli painting is that one can see from a distance that it is a handicraft painting as opposed to oil paintings done by masters

Whether you are in India or abroad, if you are a traveler, art aficionado or just someone who loves the local culture, it is only natural that you would be intrigued by the different forms of art and craft that India has to offer. And among all these, there is this wonderful genre of art called Warli Art. This ethnic art form is practiced by the tribal Korku community in the village of Warli in India’s Maharashtra State.

Tribal communities have existed in India since ages but they have never been very popular with tourists and people outside their own community. However, this particular genre of art is gaining popularity due to its unique style and themes which are derived from the local tribal heritage. The Warli paintings are created on handmade paper and depict stories from everyday life. The main characters of these stories are animals belonging to the region like elephants and tigers. There is also an interesting fusion of ecology and culture where the animals on these paintings interact with the plants and trees found in the area.

The Warli paintings were first showcased at an exhibition organized by Fergusson College Pune way back in 1972. This exhibition was quite successful as it was attended by several dignitaries including the then Prime Minister of India – Indira Gandhi,

Warli art is an indigenous Indian form of art that is most popular in the states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, India. Essentially, Warli art involves the use of locally available materials like mud, dung, hay and even leaves of bushes. It is a very basic art form with representations of animals and human figures as well as geometric designs in a wide variety of colors.

Tribal people from the Bodi tribe in Maharashtra practice this art form through finger painting, drawing on paper and canvas as well as on walls. Artists in this tribe are quite famous for their work. The Warli tribe is a small tribe which has been traditionally involved in the profession of agriculture. The tribal people who are skilled artists are also known for their work with mud. Tribal women draw on mud walls using traditional methods and paintbrush made from grass or bamboo strips dipped into color pigments such as kumkum (red).

The Warli tribes have evolved a unique style that uses different symbols to depict various aspects of their lives. Some symbols are common to all tribes while other symbols are region specific to one group or another.


The Warli tribe is one of the indigenous tribes who live in the coastal area of Maharashtra state. They are hunters and gatherers by profession. But they have developed their own artistic ability from time immemorial. They use this artistic talent to depict their daily life and nature through paintings, carvings, boards, etc. Their art has been widely appreciated for its fine color combination, naturalism and abstract pattern.

A word of caution: The Warli painting is a contemporary art form which was created by Madhav Gadgil in 1970s. The fact that it is used to depict daily life and nature doesn’t mean that it depicts only these themes. It can be used for anything which you want to depict using the traditional style of Warli painting. You can even create your own style by mixing this with other modern techniques like Mughal paintings, Rajasthani paintings or even graffiti art

Warli art is one of the most interesting art forms that is practiced among the tribal people living in villages near the city of Bombay. Warli art is a form of painting done by the tribal people who are called as the Warlis. The paintings are done on the mud walls of their huts with natural colors like black, white and red.

Description:Warli art is a very ancient form of painting and it was believed to have originated during the mid-eighteenth century. This art form has now become popular all over the world and there are many galleries where this can be seen. There are even some persons who are dedicated to this particular kind of painting and they have set up their own shops where they sell these paintings to tourists and other interested buyers.

Warli artists use natural pigments for their work which include red clay, charcoal, yellow soil, white kaolin clay and henna leaves. After mixing them with water, these pigments are applied to the walls of mud houses. They use two types of brushes for their work which includes a large flat brush and a stick similar to that used in calligraphy. Tribal people are very talented in drawing pictures with great detail but still keeping them simple enough so that they look beautiful when completed.


Warli Art, or Warli Painting is a type of painting done with the help of fingers and palms. It is a traditional art form of India. It is practiced by the aboriginal tribe of Warlis, which is spread over Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The Warli tribe lives in the forested areas and have limited access to education. There are art galleries in Mumbai and other cities where one can see Warli Paintings for sale. If you like this art form, you can buy it and decorate your home with beautiful paintings.

Tribal paintings are not only known in India but also abroad. To know more about this art form read on……

The Warli tribe, who hail from the tribal belt that lies between Satara and Kolhapur districts in Maharashtra, have been practicing this unique art for centuries now. It was painted during special events like marriage ceremonies, births, funerals etc. The people from this tribe paint their houses with images of animals like elephants, tigers and snakes or birds like parrots and peacocks or trees like mango or coconut palm. These paintings also depict daily life scenes like hunting, harvesting etc. For their children they paint toys like horses, buffaloes etc.

The paintings are done on the floors using earth

Warli is an art form which is practiced in the state of Maharashtra. It is done by the Warli Tribe. The art has been practiced for many centuries and it is one of the oldest art forms in India. The Warli tribe lives deep inside the forests of Amravati district of Maharashtra and is a nomadic tribe.

There are several other tribes who practice this art form. However, the Warli tribe is considered to be the originators of this art form. The Warlis move from place to place, carrying their own materials to make their painting on mud walls, doors, clothes and any other material they can get their hands on.

This art form has been promoted a lot by the government, so that it can be displayed all over India and even abroad. This help the tribal people earn money by selling their paintings to people who appreciate them very much.

The Warlis use symbols to portray their philosophy and culture through these paintings. They have also used bright colours to paint these images, as they are inspired by nature itself. There are several animals which are painted in this style too; such as birds, snakes, crocodiles etc.

Another interesting fact about these paintings is that most of them have a story behind them or depict their beliefs and

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