Portrait Painting Tips and Techniques by Todd White

Todd White is a professional portrait artist who has been painting portraits for over 30 years. In this blog, Todd White shares his knowledge on how to paint portraits in an educational way. This blog will teach you how to paint realistic portraits of your favorite people and pets.



You can find a lot of great information on how to paint realistic portraits in Todd White’s blog. There is also a forum where other portrait painters share their tips and techniques about portrait painting. You can learn a lot from them as well if you want to improve your portrait painting skills. Todd White also sells DVDs about portrait painting that are highly recommended for beginners!

Todd White’s Portrait Painting Tips and Techniques blog is a resource for painters of all levels by Todd White. The site features tips, tutorials, and product reviews.

Tutorials and tips for portrait artists.

Portrait painting tips, techniques, and tutorials from portrait artist Todd White.

Todd White is a professional portrait artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Design. He has been painting professionally for over twenty years and has had his paintings hung in major museums. Todd White’s paintings hang in homes, businesses, and offices around the world. The purpose of Todd White’s blog is to help artists sharpen their knowledge of this centuries old art form while providing useful tips and techniques.


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Todd White is a portrait artist based in the Seattle area. He paints commissioned portraits in oil and acrylic, as well as teaching painting workshops. His blog is a treasure of information for anyone interested in learning how to paint or improve their current skills.

Toddy has been painting for years and has a good deal of experience. His blog is full of tips, tricks, and general advice that he’s learned over the years. The posts are well-written, easy to understand, and provide a great deal of insight into both the artistic process and the business side of art. Toddy’s ability to convey his advice through writing alone is impressive; if you’re not sure you can handle watching an instructional video on YouTube, this might be a good place to start. He also maintains two youtube channels that are full of great content for artists:

The best portrait painters can make their sitters look good under the most trying circumstances. It takes a lot of practice to reach that level, however. …

Portrait painting can be as much about your own artistic abilities as it is about the physical features of your subject. A portrait painter’s skill is measured by his or her ability to capture an individual’s personality and emotions on canvas.


Todd has been painting portraits for over twenty years and in that time he has seen many different styles and techniques used. He is always amazed at what people come up with in their own homes. Some are great, and others could be better. While he doesn’t claim to be a master portrait painter, he does have a lot of good tips that can help someone paint a better portrait. He mainly paints using oils but there are some tips here for other mediums as well.

There are three main parts to this site:

Tips and Tricks – This is where you’ll find the nitty-gritty details about him, the site, and all other sorts of advice on how to get started or take your portrait painting skills to the next level.

Tutorials – This section is where all the fun stuff is. There are step by step tutorials on how to draw from life, how to sketch, how to use reference material, how to setup your own photo shoot, and more! Just click on one of the tutorials from this menu to access it.

Portraits – This is where you’ll find all of his portraits (and some self-portraits), both for sale and for display. Just click on any painting you’d like to see a larger

Now that you are aware of the eye chart, the image below is going to look pretty strange. It’s all about the eyes and how to get those captivating eyes onto your painting.

How do you paint realistic eyes? How do you paint glassy eyes? To create a realistic portrait with glassy eyes, one must understand how light works. This can be done by experimenting with light or you can also use photo references.

TIP: If you are looking for photo references, I have included five free photo references on my site athttp://www.toddwhitepainting.com/studio-lighting-referne…

I recommend using photo references because they will make your paintings more accurate AND they will save time!

The point of this blog is to teach you how to take your own photos and then transfer them onto your canvas. These techniques are great for traditional and digital artists alike!

It’s important to remember that any artist can learn to paint portraits. The steps in this blog are easy and anyone can do them!

             Here’s an example of what you’ll be creating by following these steps:

In this blog we’re going to discuss how to take a photograph, edit it in Photoshop then

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