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Time For Poster Monday: A blog every monday about a new disney themed poster released. This is a post from the time for poster monday archives, originally written by me on April 19th 2009. I hope you enjoy!

The next series of posters will be featuring some of the most popular princesses of Disney. I know that many of you have been asking for these posters to be made, and I personally am looking forward to seeing them since I’m a big fan of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. The first two posters will feature Snow White and Cinderella, which are both available at the link below.

To find out more information about the artists or to purchase any of their work, click on the image below.

You can also leave comments on either this post or the Time For Poster Monday blog if you have any questions or requests for future showings. Hope you enjoy!

And now, a new Disney poster is revealed each and every Monday at the blog Time For Poster Monday. The posters are high quality, professional and released by Art of Walt Disney.

TFPM is a great blog you should check out if you are interested in Disney or posters.

You can see all the released posters here: [link]

And you can vote for your favorite one here: [link]


The “Time for Poster Monday” Series is a blog series that will be released every monday. By posting these posters, I hope to get people interested in collecting them and also to get the word out about these wonderful artists and their work.

The artists of these prints include:

-Tom Whalen

-Bethany Varni

-Jason Edmiston

-Tyler Stout

-Matt Taylor

-Dave Perillo

-Glenn Chan

-Andrea Kang

-Joey Chou

and many more!

The artwork of Walt Disney is so powerful and has touched so many people all over the world that we wanted to compile our favorite pieces in one place.

Since we are compiled a list of our favorite posters from the different parts of the world, this is how it came about:

In 2009 we had just started working for the Walt Disney Company in Zurich, Switzerland and one day a colleague from another department asked us if we could help her with a problem. She had bought a poster at a local shop but found out that it was not an original, but a copy of an original piece. Unable to find out more about this original piece she asked us if we could help her find out what was going on. It was clear to us that there should be an easier way to identify originals than trying to work your way through several shops. So we decided to start an online platform where everybody could easily upload pictures and information about their own artwork as well as pictures they are looking for and try to find a match. That is why TimeForPosterMonday.com was born!

Disney Art is a new blog that will be updated every Monday with a new piece of Disney inspired artwork. There will be both pieces done by professional artists and fans.

The concept for the site has been around for about two years. The main reason it was not launched earlier was because of the huge amount of work needed to make it happen.

The team behind Disney Art is made up of three people, who all share the same passion, Disney.

The art submissions come from all over the world, so hopefully there will be something that interests everyone.

If you are interested in being a contributor to Disney Art, or if you just want to see how we do things, feel free to contact us at:  disneyart@outlook.com

Disney Art is proud to present to you the following collection of Disney themed art from some talented artists from around the internet. It’s hard to believe that its been a little over a year since we started this little project and it’s great to see it gain so much traction. We still have many more artists who are yet to be featured, but for now enjoy!

Be sure to check back on January 1st for our Featured Artist announcement! TAP ON THE POSTER TO VIEW IN IT’S ENTIRETY AND FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A COMMENT AND SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS

“We’re going to have a lot of fun with these”

As one of the most iconic and beloved Disney characters, Mickey Mouse has been featured on numerous posters over the years. In this new series of posters, we take a look at some of the more memorable ones and discuss why they are so impressive.

On this week’s Poster Monday, I want to go back in time a bit to bring you a series of posters created by artist Chris Ware. These posters were released in 2001 as a promotion for the Walt Disney anthology TV show that aired on ABC. Although only 13 episodes were produced, they were all critically acclaimed and nominated for an Emmy award and received positive reviews from many fans.

The art style features all hand drawn pictures of Mickey Mouse accompanied by quotes or sayings directly related to the episode. It’s hard not to notice right away just how detailed each poster is. This makes sense when you learn that Chris Ware is an American graphic novelist best known for his Acme Novelty Library. He has also worked on illustrations for several other movies including The Iron Giant, The Simpsons Movie and many others.

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