How to Create The Perfect Album Cover

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If you want to create an album cover for your band, you should start by learning from someone who has experience in making a great album cover. You could also look at some of the most popular albums and bands, and see what their covers look like.

You should try to think about what your band is all about. What is the name of the band? What does the name of your band suggest about the music? Does it suggest that it is relaxing, or fun and fast paced? Maybe it makes you think of a certain color? Maybe it makes you think of something else besides music, maybe a certain feeling or memory?

Determining what your band is all about and trying to convey this in an album cover could take some time. It may be easier if you already have a title or idea for the cover before you begin designing it. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas on your own, try looking at some famous albums that are similar to yours. Pay close attention to how they convey what their band is all about in their album covers.

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Artists are always looking for inspiration, but sometimes it can be more difficult to find than you might think. This is where we come in. We have compiled a list of some of the best album covers that have been created by music artists and bands.

A lot of time and effort goes into the creation of an album cover, even if it doesn’t always seem like it. There is a lot of brainstorming that goes into what the artist is trying to convey about their music on their album cover. For example, one band might be screaming desperation on their album cover to show that their music has a lot of feeling or emotion behind it.

The creation of an album cover is only one part of the process, however. The other half of what makes an album cover so great is how well the artist’s fans connect with it. It seems like sometimes the fans are more excited about what is going on with the artwork on the front and back covers than they are about listening to the actual music itself.

Is your band or artist looking for some inspiration to help them create a new album cover? Take a look at these 30 examples and get inspired!

Some artists are concerned with the art and some are concerned with the craft. We each have our own natural style of doing work that comes easily in the moment. The challenge is to get good at the other stuff, the stuff that takes time, persistence and study to master.

Many musicians dream of having a professional quality album cover but never get around to creating one. I’ve been there myself – many times actually. In fact, it took me at least three years (and a move from Chicago to New York) before I felt like I was even on my way to having a basic working knowledge about how to create an album cover for my band! It was hard work because I had never taken any sort of class or sat down with anyone who was talented at design and who could teach me what they knew.

Album covers are usually a source of great artistic expression and creativity. With the advent of the MP3, CD, and vinyl record album artwork has become one of the most valuable commodities to be found on an album.

Many artists have created some truly amazing pieces of art for their fans to enjoy. We have selected some of the best album covers ever made and have provided a description of how you can create your own.

Album art is the visual representation of an album. This is the art that will be featured on all album covers, on iTunes, and any other merchandising that may arise.

The purpose of this blog is to take an album and create the best possible artwork for it. There are many things to be considered when doing so. Some examples include:

1. The band name

2. Album name

3. Genre of music

4. Band logo (if it has one)

5. Band photo (if already taken)

6. Any existing artwork from previous albums or merchandise

7. Artist style or theme ideas (if you have one)

8. Color scheme ideas

9. Etc….

Have you ever sat down to create a fresh album cover for your band but found yourself at a loss for ideas? It’s not surprising. After all, it’s not easy to come up with something both eye-catching and unique when the basic concept has been used dozens of times before. If you’re feeling stuck, though, try following the guidelines below to come up with a design that will grab potential listeners’ attention and convince them that your upcoming album is one they won’t want to miss.


The sonic, visual and mental associations are up to you. “But there’s a magical quality about banana art that can’t be ignored.” The banana is a natural phallic symbol, and the yellow skin resembles a woman’s hair. So this album cover is perfect for a band that makes music that’s sensual and fun. Banana art can also be used for an album cover for a female vocalist who writes happy songs, or for an instrumental band that plays jazz or blues.

What’s so special about the banana? The banana is one of the most popular fruits in the world, and it was named by the founder of the American Banana Company in 1871. It has become a symbol of happiness around the world. It’s easy to draw; it’s fun; and it has universal appeal, so it can be drawn by children as well as adults. The banana is also phallic in shape and therefore can double as an ice-breaker while your artist draws other objects, such as flowers or hearts.*

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