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We are a manufacturer of artificial diamonds. Our company’s mission is to help people create their dreams. We are looking for distributors who can effectively promote our products and increase the sales of our company. Our products are available at extremely competitive prices, and we provide the highest quality guarantee.

We have a solid experience in this field, and we are ready to share it with you. Join our team today!

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us:

E-mail: bs_diamonds@diamondartclub.org

Contact person: Misha

The Diamond Club is a place for young people to learn about diamonds, to discuss and share their thoughts about this important industry.

Our mission is to develop a community of future leaders with a passion for the diamond business, who will be responsible for the success of our firm in the years ahead.

Our vision is to build the next generation of industry leaders. We want them to become familiar with our company and its values, but also with the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. By giving them access to senior management, they can not only gain insight into our business but also learn from it.



A diamond is a jewel, but it can also be a winning hand in a card game. The word “diamond” is used for both the jewel and the card game. Similarly, the word “art” is used both for the creative activity and for an exhibition of art objects.

When people say they like art, they usually mean they like looking at paintings, sculpture and other objects made by artists. People who make art are artists or craftsmen. What they like to do is called “art”. In this sense of the word, art is not connected with any other human activity such as business or politics. It doesn’t matter if an artist makes a lot of money or not; what matters is whether he is good at making things that other people want to look at or have as part of their home or workplace.

If anyone can make art, why do we need artists? Artists are experts: people who have learned to do something well enough to be able to teach it to others. If you wanted a painting on your wall, would you ask an amateur artist to paint one for you? Of course not – you’d go to an expert. You’d expect him to know how to choose the right colors and techniques, how

The Diamond Club is a group of people who have invested in diamonds. The club was founded in 2014 on the initiative of a Japanese diamond dealer living in Singapore. Members of the Diamond Club are diamond miners, traders and manufacturers, as well as specialists in diamond arts and crafts.

The club’s goal is to create a resource for members including investment advice and business contacts. It also offers them an opportunity to engage in cultural, science and art projects related to diamonds. The Diamond Club includes scientists from Russia, Japan, China, South Africa and other countries.

With a view to promoting the development of Russian diamond industry, we are planning to build an industrial park for diamond-cutting businesses based on natural diamonds that will be mined by Russian companies in Yakutia (Sakha Republic).

The Diamond Club has opened a representative office in Russia – the Diamond Club Co Ltd, located in Moscow at 4 Basseynaya Street.”

Diamond Club is a global company, which sells diamonds and diamond jewelry. The company was founded in 1947, it started from the trade in rough and colored diamonds. Gradually, the company has developed into an international wholesale diamond supplier. The Diamond Club supplies its customers with high-quality diamonds, gemstones and jewelry at affordable prices.

Diamonds are considered to be one of the most beautiful creations of nature. This precious stone has been used by humans for centuries to make jewelry of all kinds. There are many types of diamonds that differ in color, cut and carat weight. Our company deals with these different diamond varieties: white, yellowish, blue, green and pink diamonds; brown diamonds and so on. The history of our company proves that we are experts in diamond industry. For many years we have been selling natural and synthetic diamonds to our customers worldwide. We can help you choose the right type or color of diamonds for your needs.

The Diamond Club provides high quality natural and synthetic diamonds to its clients at very competitive prices. If you want to buy a beautiful diamond ring or any other piece of diamond jewelry, we will be happy to help you make your choice among our wide range of products.

The Diamond Club is a club for diamond buyers, sellers and dealers from all over the world to meet up and do business in a safe, secure and fun environment.

The club is not just for diamond investors but for anyone interested in diamonds, including people who buy them as gifts and for anyone who wants to make money from buying and selling diamonds.

Members will have access to exclusive features such as:

– A private Facebook group where members can ask or answer questions, share tips, advice or information about the diamond business

– The ability to find diamonds and diamond buyers or sellers via our website’s Diamonds For Sale & Wanted section

– An exclusive forum where members can discuss all aspects of the diamond industry in complete privacy. This is where members will be able to teach each other about the diamond business by sharing their knowledge, experience and insight.

– Exclusive invitations to our monthly club meetings where you will have the opportunity to meet other diamond professionals face-to-face. Members are encouraged to invite guests along too!

– Exclusive offers on courses that we are running at the club which help you learn how to invest in diamonds, cut your costs, boost your profits and expand your business with confidence. These courses are open exclusively to members of The Diamond Club.

The Diamond Club is a group of students for students. We aim to bring together the brightest and most active students in the university, and to provide them with a venue for academic, professional, and cultural enrichment.

The Diamond Club provides an opportunity for students to get involved in many activities that are related to their studies and interests. The club organizes both international and domestic events, such as conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures and social events. At the same time it allows its members to make new friends with people of similar interests. The club has also successfully held various charity events, including speech marathon competitions and food collection drives.

We also organize an annual Intensive Russian Language Course in summer organized by the Russian State University for the Humanities (RGGU). The course is dedicated to foreign students who wish to improve their Russian skills in order to be able to study at RGGU or other Russian universities.

In addition the club arranges a number of trips across Russia that allow its invited guests to explore different cities, museums, historical places and cultural events of Russia.

The Diamond Club has established a strong network of contacts with representatives of professional organizations (i.e., alumni clubs) from prestigious Russian universities such as RSUH, St. Petersburg State University

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