The Most Popular Creative Fields and What They Could Earn

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If you are the kind of person who really likes the idea of earning a living from your creativity, you might be wondering what the best fields for that are. It’s obviously a good idea to study what interests you, but if you want to make some money on it as well, then there are certain things that could help.

The Best Creative Fields and What They Could Earn: A Blog about What to Major in as a Creative

Creative fields which can earn you a lot of money include graphic design, commercial art, web design and computer programming. If you are interested in these fields, then there are two things to keep in mind: first, get practical experience; and second, work on your portfolio.

By practical experience we mean that you should actually work in this field while still in school. This will allow you to get some hands-on experience with different projects so that when it comes time to apply for jobs or freelance assignments, you’ll have something to show employers.

The second tip is about your portfolio – such as a website or blog where people can see your past work along with samples of your writing or speaking. This is important because even though people say they want self-starters who aren’t afraid to take chances and aren’t afraid of

The Most Popular Creative Fields and What They Could Earn

People tend to think of arts and sciences as opposed to one another, but there are ways to combine the two. Many creative careers combine art and science in some way, like graphic design or computer programming. The creative fields listed here have a high median salary, but they aren’t the only creative jobs out there. There are many others that have a lower salary. If you’re interested in a creative field and can’t find it on this list, try conducting a search on Creative Jobs Hub!

If you’re a creative type considering post-secondary education, use our College Finder to find schools with programs that interest you. Look for schools that offer degrees in your preferred major or programs that will help you develop the skills employers look for in entry-level employees.

With so many factors at play when choosing a college program, it’s important to find the right fit for you.

When you’re ready to start applying to colleges and universities, ask yourself: Which program will allow me to pursue my interests? Which degree will be most applicable after graduation? Should I stick with my strengths or explore new interests?

If you love photography and art, it is tempting to believe that your destiny is to become a famous artist. But what are the best choices if you want to make a living? In 2009, the most popular creative fields were in advertising and graphic design. The average salary in those fields was $60,000.

The most popular creative majors are photography and fine arts. If you major in one of those, your chances of getting one of those high-paying jobs aren’t great. In 2009, there were only 519 jobs for photographers. And the competition is tough; there are a lot more fine-arts majors than jobs in the creative industry.

In fact, it might be better to choose a less popular major like computer science or engineering. The chances of getting a job would be lower but the pay would be higher than in any of the creative fields.

You might think that why choose something unpopular when there are more jobs available? That’s true to some extent: there are more jobs available in computer science and engineering than in other fields. But there are also more people majoring in those fields so your chances of getting a job aren’t as good as they would be with a less popular major.

One important thing to keep in mind is that it

Whether you want to create art for a career or just as a hobby, there are plenty of potential fields you could delve into.

Here is a list of some of the most popular creative fields, and what they could earn you in your first year.

Graphic Design

Median Salary: $43,000

If you have any experience with graphic design, then it’s likely that this will be your first choice. Graphic design is one of the most popular creative careers out there, with plenty of job opportunities to go around. Since 2009, the field has been growing at a consistent rate of about 10%, so there should still be plenty of opportunity to move up in the field. It’s also one of the few that can earn you upwards of $50,000 after only five years on the job.

Learn more about graphic design:

When I was in college, I had a bright young girlfriend who was majoring in art. She was a terrific artist and had a job in the art department of the local newspaper as soon as she graduated. When I asked her why she majored in art, she said: “Well, my dad always said that if you could make a living at anything, it would be worth doing.”

She was right. And it would be a shame if more people didn’t realize that. The arts are not the only field offering people this kind of opportunity, but they are one of them. Here’s a list of some creative fields and what they can earn (according to This is not an exhaustive list–it leaves out most medical work and many other science-based careers–but it’s still a good start for anyone trying to decide what to do with their life.

In order to make its estimates, Payscale looked at the salaries of more than 1 million users; average salaries are based on those whose education matched the major listed above. As usual with these kinds of studies, keep in mind that there will be wide variation within any given field depending on experience and location: for instance, the salary range for computer science majors is $

Most people want to be creative, but few know how to go about it. You may not even know what meaning is. This article is for those of you who are in this situation.

I’m going to list different types of art and what they could make you if you are successful in them. I’m not saying that these are necessarily the best options, but they are popular and could get you a job making a living if you decide to pursue them. I will also give a short summary of each field so that you can decide if it’s something that interests you.

What should I major in?

Here is the list:

1) Graphic Design

2) Computer Animation/Games

3) Photography/Videography

4) Music Production/Performance

5) Acting/Directing/Scriptwriting

6) Cartooning/Comic Books/Animation

7) Journalism/Editorial Writing

8 ) Theater Production/Theater Management

9) Sports Management/TV Production-Sports Analyst (a new type of media job, but it’s growing rapidly because sports has become more popular than ever before**- ESPN is now the most watched network.* Most people don’t realize this because they don’t watch TV on a TV set but on their

The most popular creative majors are all in the business of making authentic things, whether that’s journalism or filmmaking or graphic art. The second most popular majors are all in the business of making fake things, whether that’s advertising or public relations or packaging design.

With the Internet, it has become easier than ever to make fake things seem real. But people still want authentic creations.

Because of this trend, it is harder than ever to be an artist as well as a businessman. To succeed as an artist, you need to value authenticity over popularity. And to succeed as a businessman, you need to value popularity over authenticity.

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