The Most Important Art Galleries in the National Capital Region

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There are many art galleries in the National Capital Region. Some of them display excellent works of art, some of them sell great artworks and others focus on modern and contemporary artworks. Visitors can admire great works of art, or just see the most important and influential artists in the history of art. This blog lists all the different art galleries that can be found in the region, as well as those that are not so easy to find.

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If you are planning to go to the national capital region to visit the art galleries you should plan ahead and make your arrangements early. The nation’s capital is a busy city and there are numerous places that one can visit. The national capital is home to art galleries that bring out excellent pieces of work by renowned artists. If you belong to the art enthusiasts’ group, it would be wise for you to plan a trip to the national capital region especially in order to view the various pieces of art from different cultures and ages.

The National Gallery of Canada – The National Gallery of Canada is located in Ottawa, Ontario and was founded in 1880. It is Canada’s most famous museum and houses some wonderful pieces of work from Canadian artists. Some of the pieces that are displayed in this gallery date back from 1880-1960 and were done by historical Canadian artists. This gallery displays both modern and contemporary works of art done by various Canadian artists throughout history.

This gallery exhibits important oil paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings and watercolors. Some of the famous artists featured here are Tom Thomson, Brian Mulroney and so on. There are also temporary exhibits which sometimes include international artists as well.

The Art Gallery of Ontario – Another popular destination for art lovers is the Art Gallery of

Art galleries in the national capital region represent a wide variety of art. They vary in size, and type of art. Art should be a part of everyone’s life. It is important to support local galleries as much as visiting famous galleries in other states or countries.

Many people agree that art is very important in the life of a nation. Art galleries are essential places to display the art, and to provide a space for artists and art enthusiasts to discuss and explore their interest in the field. Although there are many galleries but all of them provide an excellent service for the benefit of art lovers.

The National Capital Region is a great place for art lovers as there are some famous galleries in this region which are visited by thousands of people every year. These galleries have different types of art works which would enthrall everyone who visits these galleries. Some art galleries have paintings while others have sculptures, while some others have both kinds of arts. Some of the famous galleries include Galerie d’ Art Canadien, Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa-Gatineau Paintings, Ottawa Sculpture Garden and many other smaller galleries. Of course, it would be unfair to forget about museums and heritage properties in this region as they too provide an excellent opportunity for visitors to enjoy their time at these venues.

The video below will give you more information about national art gallery:

**The National Gallery of Canada:** This is the most visited museum in the country. It has a great collection of art and they regularly host exhibitions from other museums in the world. This is a must-visit if you are an art lover. The museum also hosts lectures and talks about various art topics and artists, so check their website for more info about these events.

This is one of the most popular museums in Ottawa so expect crowds on the weekend and holidays.

Admission: Free (except for special exhibitions)

Address: 380 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, ON K1N 9N4

Phone: 613-990-1985**

In the process of compiling a full list of galleries, I have come across an astonishing mix of material. The gallery world is increasingly becoming an amalgamation of various arts and crafts, with some galleries focusing on particular aspects of the industry.

Telling the difference between commercial galleries and non-profit organisations can be tricky because they both clearly exist in a symbiotic relationship with one another; the question becomes one of where the line is drawn between them.

I have decided to limit my focus to commercial galleries and am therefore excluding not-for-profit organisations such as museums and universities, even though many operate like businesses. While I am including private businesses that charge for admission to their exhibitions, I will leave off those that are free to enter.

The most obvious distinction to make is between commercial galleries, which sell artworks and exhibition spaces, and those that do not sell either but are open for public viewing. However, some commercial galleries also run as non-profits or charge artists for showing their work, or both; in order to distinguish these from other private companies, I have included them only if they explicitly state that they do not charge artists or buyers.

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