The Benefits of Line Art

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I stumbled upon an article about the benefits of line art. As a graphic designer I have always struggled with the idea that I really only like using line art in my designs. In fact, I love it! It’s such a clean, clear style and it gives me enough freedom to add color without being too busy.

The Benefits of Line Art was actually an article from another blog that has been around for quite some time. The blog is called “Line Art” and it’s written by a guy named Kenneth Ormandy ( I checked out his blog and really enjoyed the content he had to offer so I decided to do a quick review of his site and post it here on my site as well.

This article was very interesting because it discussed how we can use line art in our design projects here at TradeTang. The author stated some obvious things like how line art can make use of space more efficiently, but also goes in depth into other details like how line art is easier on the eyes because there are no distractions and how many designers are now starting to create more minimalistic designs to match today’s society and their needs more specifically.

The Benefits of Line Art

As technology becomes more advanced, so does the quality of artworks. As computers get faster and programs become more complex, artists are able to create high resolution images that look extremely realistic. Line art has generally been used throughout history to depict illustrations that can be easily made by hand. The line art featured here is a great example of how this technique can still be relevant in today’s society.

T-shirt design may be one of the best industries for using line art. The cohesiveness between design and process makes it easy to create shirts that look great while also being affordable to the general public. When shopping around for a new shirt, it’s easy to appreciate a simple design over a complex one. A well thought out line art image will always be a popular choice in any industry where t-shirt designs are important.

Banksy is a famous graffiti artist who has used line art as a form of expression for his work. Banksy uses an interesting style of stenciling on walls that allows him to draw large images quickly and effectively. Additionally, his ability to make high quality images quickly helps to prove the effectiveness of using line art in design work.

Line art is not limited to simply being drawn with pencils or pens

I am seeing a greater presence of line art in web design as recently as 2014. The benefits of line art are that it is easy to read, looks modern and has a simplistic feel. It flatters the material.

Clients are requesting more and more line art from designers and even small companies are beginning to include line art in their marketing materials. With the new release of iOS8, Apple is including simplified icons for many of their apps. This includes the weather app which will be replacing the realistic looking clouds with a simple bold outline of a cloud on their app icon.

Line art combines the most effective features of both hand drawn and computer generated artwork. It eliminates any confusion of what is being depicted while still including aspects such as movement or fluidity or even texture, if it is mirroring an image that would have texture. The most common mistake I see in design is overuse of color, texture and gradient when a simple line would work better. If you need to add color to your design consider using pattern instead which can be just as eye catching without overpowering the rest of your message or design elements. Remember: less is more!

A great example of an interactive website using line art is They have taken an

There are many benefits of line art. Line art is easier to create and there are many more resources available to learn how to design it. As a result, the quality of the line art has increased as well. One of the main reasons line art has become popular in the past decade is because it saves money. Line art can be mass produced and used for t-shirts, posters, etc.

Another reason that line art is so popular is because it is often more difficult to break copyright laws with this type of art. It is very easy to copy and reproduce any image but with a line drawing it can be harder. It can be tough trying to figure out what kind of font or words go along with a particular piece of line art. This is why people like to use photographs or digital images for logos and other types of artwork.

The final reason that I believe that line art has become so successful lately is because of the advances in technology. It is now easier than ever to share your work with others around the globe without having to spend thousands on an artist and a printing press.

Line art is a type of art that simply uses lines to create the picture. The benefit of line art is that it can be created in a short amount of time and doesn’t require a lot of advanced skills. This can be especially beneficial for artists who are either just learning or are looking for something new to draw.

Line art has been around since the early days of art, with cave drawings being examples of this type of work. Line art used to be more popular but as more and more people began illustrating with computers, its popularity began to decline. Many people enjoy using this type of artwork because it is easily accessible and easy to create.

Another benefit to using line art is that it doesn’t require a lot of artistic skill in order to create an image that looks professionally done. This makes it a great option for beginning artists looking for something to practice their skills on before moving onto more complex images.

For those who want to further spread their artwork online, there are sites online that specialize in line art illustrations. Many of these sites have contests where artists can submit their work and compete with others for prizes or recognition.

Many types of line art exist including vegetal, animal, human and abstract. Some animals that can be found in line art include elephants,

In the late 1800s, the use of line art was not something a serious artist would do. An artist’s use of line art was the equivalent to a business’s use of clip art. It was considered a shortcut, and it was not respected. Line art is still often looked down upon by some artists, but it is making a comeback as more people realize that it is a great medium for expressing creativity in an effective way.

Line art is one of the easiest mediums to use because you can focus on the essentials rather than extraneous details. The creator of line art has time to hone in on what the drawing is really about.

This method of drawing can also be used to express an idea without having to worry about details that will just get lost in the crowd. The image doesn’t need to be complex; it just needs to be expressive in nature and simple enough so that everyone can appreciate what it is trying to portray.

When you are creating an image with your own hand, you have complete control over everything that goes into it. You can draw or paint exactly what you want and how you want it. You won’t have to worry about anyone else changing it, which makes this kind of drawing one of the most freeing forms for self-

I’ll admit that when I first saw a line art drawing, I was more than a little skeptical. The idea of someone producing a drawing that looked like a photograph, but taken in black and white, seemed to be missing the point of what art is all about. But after seeing several beautiful drawings by artist Andrew DeGraff , I decided to give it another chance.

What struck me about DeGraff’s work was how simple, yet expressive it was. It was very clear from his drawings that he knew exactly what he wanted to communicate to the viewer, and how he planned on doing it. His figures were clear and strong, and his lines were clean and decisive.

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