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The blog is about the journey of an artist in developing her own style of painting floral compositions. It is a chronicle of a personal experience and the lessons learned from it. As the author proceeds on her artistic journey, she shares with her readers the techniques she has learned, the challenges she faces and the psychological effects these have on her. Her blog will help other artists to reflect on their creative process and to avoid some of mistakes she made on her way.

Name:fine art prints

In the last few years, I have been fascinated with flower painting and have developed my own technique of painting them. I am focusing on painting flowers in a way that is natural and beautiful. My goal is to share my love of painting flowers through this blog, as well as to explore and develop my own style. I hope you will enjoy it.

I am a self taught artist and I am passionate about art. I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Business degree in Marketing and Management in 2006. With a background in marketing, combined with a love for art, I am now able to combine these skills together to help other artists reach their goals.

My partner Brian and I live in Coquitlam BC with our two dogs, Jazzy and Buster. We also have a large garden where we grow many flowers which we use for my paintings.

I am a floral artist who has been painting flowers since early childhood. I fell in love with the beauty of flowers at an early age and knew I wanted to capture them on canvas. My style of painting is very realistic, but uses subtle colors that show the beauty of the flower in a very refined way.

I was trained as a traditional artist, and learned techniques to create depth and texture in my work. Many of my paintings are done using only three tones of color, and many layers of paint. My paintings have been described as very “fine art” looking where the attention to detail shows through the subtle coloration and shading.

I have just recently started sharing my artwork and have opened a shop on Etsy where anyone can purchase prints of my work. I also offer custom orders where customers can request a particular flower or bouquet to be painted.

I am excited to share my artwork with the world and hope you find some prints that you can add to your home or office space!**

In this blog I will share my thoughts and experiences as an emerging artist. I will describe the challenges of creating new work and how I am overcoming them. I will also be sharing tips on developing your own style and techniques that I have learned along my journey in becoming a professional artist.

I will also be posting pictures of my paintings, information about current exhibits, and anything else that has to do with art.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Please feel free to comment on any post, ask questions, or suggest topics for future posts.

I have enjoyed reading the various posts on this blog. As someone new to painting, I appreciate the information about supplies and other tools of the trade. I really enjoyed the post about “the lost and found.” It is an interesting point that artists have a certain freedom when creating art because they are not bound by rules of one particular style. The artist can experiment and try different styles without having to worry too much about whether the painting will sell or not.

The author has a wonderful sense of humor that comes through in her writing. I especially enjoyed her account of the time she had to fight off a bear that was trying to eat her horse. She demonstrated remarkable presence of mind by choosing to ignore the bear and focus on saving her horse. I would love to hear more stories like that in future posts!

The thing about art is that it can be considered as a business. It’s a business with two kind of customers: the laymen and the other artists. The laymen are the ones who would buy art for their living room walls, but they don’t know much about art and have no experience in that field. They will look at your art and say, “Oh, I like this one. It’s pretty. I like the colors,” or “I like this one because it reminds me of something else I saw on TV last night.” The other artists are your real customers and they can hurt you with their remarks if you aren’t careful.

The laymen will buy your art if they like how it looks and if they can afford it. They don’t care much about everything else that makes your art valuable to you, like how hard you worked on it or what your intentions were when you made it. Your real customers will pay extra for those qualities, and may not even appreciate the look of your art as much as they should. This is where things get tricky because sometimes you have to trade some of your good intentions for a sale.

The question is then: How do

The most important thing to consider when choosing a fine art print is the medium. Giclee prints are known for their vibrant colors and are often printed on watercolor paper. The pigment used in giclee printing is very resistant to fading and the inks are archival quality. Giclee prints are created using very sophisticated equipment, where a high-resolution scanner captures images of the original artwork at a very high resolution.

Giclée printing is done on an inkjet printer using fade-resistant, archival inks. It produces a fine-art quality print with stunning color and detail resolution that rivals high-quality traditional fine art prints. Unlike traditional fine art prints, giclée prints don’t require framing, as the canvas is created directly on the print itself.

The final product you choose should be based on your intended use for it. If you are having your painting printed on canvas, you can have it stretched over a wooden frame, which gives it more of an artsy look than if it’s just printed directly onto a piece of paper. Whatever you choose, be sure that the company you choose to work with has the highest quality standards so that your artwork will last for years to come!

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