How to Become an Artist

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Art is an oldfashioned word that means the skillful use of the human imagination to mimic nature. Most people can do some artistic things. But not everyone can do all artistic things. Artists are people who can do any artistic thing they set their mind to.

You might ask, “But what about people who have never set their minds to it? Can’t they be artists too?” Of course they can! That’s why I wrote this lesson plan: to show you how easy it is to start drawing and painting, even if you think (or know) you’re no good at it.

Thing is, once you learn how to do something artistic, you never forget how. You don’t forget how because some artist in your head keeps reminding you. That guy only shows up if you let him in.

To become a successful artist, you need to be good at drawing or painting, have a good understanding of color, line, and composition and have the ability to see things in your mind’s eye. In addition, you must have a passion for art and a strong desire to create. You must also be able to think independently.

Becoming an artist requires patience, hard work, and persistence. Here are some steps you can take to become an artist:

1. Draw everyday for as long as possible. Keep trying new ideas and techniques. A lot of hard work goes into becoming a great artist, so try many different ways of working in order to find what works best for you.

2. Find many different sources of inspiration. Read books on art history, look at works of art in museums, visit galleries and attend art fairs, watch films about artists’ lives and imaginations. The more you know about the history of art, the more likely it is that your own creations will be meaningful and relevant to others.

3. Expose yourself to the world around you through travel, the news or documentaries that might inspire your creative work or by experiencing other cultures through food or by learning another language or by doing volunteer work.”

How to Become an Artist

1) Decide to be an artist.

2) Develop your gifts.

3) Ignore the naysayers.

4) Make art and make it often.

5) Be prepared for rejection.

6) Do not give up if you are rejected.

7) Be prepared for success.

8) Realize that the world is a better place because of your art.

9) Understand that your life will be more difficult because of your art, but it will be worth it.

If you are interested in art, and would like to try your hand at it, then follow these steps:

1. Take classes at the local college or university in drawing, painting, sculpture or whatever medium you enjoy. If the school offers a degree program in art (such as a BFA, MFA or BDes) then pursue that degree. Apply to an art school if you have a passion for studio work but not for critical study.

1a. Alternatively, if you have no interest in taking classes and learning your craft from a tutor, then do what every other artist has done: go to museums and look at paintings, sculptures and photographs until you figure out how things are done.

2. Once you know how techniques are applied to create an artistic image in one medium, then apply this knowledge to the other media.

What’s more, you can’t just announce that you are an artist. You have to start finding ways to make a living from your art. And that means finding the people who want what you have to sell.

The most important thing you have to sell as an artist is yourself. What makes a Picasso or a Beethoven or a Jane Austen valuable isn’t just the paintings or the music or the books they made; it’s their own distinctive talent. That’s what makes them worth paying for. And that’s what makes it possible for them to make a living as artists, even if they are not (as in many cases) also skilled businessmen and promoters.

Telling stories is one of the oldest things people do: there are cave paintings at Lascaux in France that are 17,000 years old.  But telling stories is also one of the simplest, just two people sitting down and sharing something with each other. The business of becoming an author is in getting your stories in front of enough people so that some share them, and some buy them, and others tell their friends about them—so that your name becomes associated with good stories, and people will pay to read more of yours.

You don’t start by trying to get published

Art school has traditionally taught a set of techniques or, as some people call it, “the language.” This is for the use of those who wish to become commercial artists, illustrators or fine artists. This tutorial is designed to show you how to become an artist by teaching you how to paint in the style of the old masters.

**The first thing we are going to do is draw a still life. This will be our guide. Everything should be drawn from nature and not from imagination.**

Quick: what comes to mind when you hear the word art? Is it some kind of painting or sculpture? If that’s the case, do you think that art must be created by a professional artist?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you don’t understand the real meaning of art. Learning how to create your own art is something that anyone can learn. All it takes is a little patience and the right tools.

Translation: Art = any skill learned through hard work and practice.

The next time you see a piece of artwork that you like, ask yourself why you like it. Was it because the colors were bright and vivid or was it because the artist had a great sense of balance and composition? The next time you see a piece of artwork that doesn’t turn your crank, ask yourself what about it makes it unappealing. Was it the colors? Did you not like the subject matter? Or was there something else about it that made it boring?

Art is something that everyone can enjoy. It is not only for professionals; anyone with an eye for beauty can appreciate great art from both amateurs and professionals alike!

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