How To Show Your Love For Cats With Animal Portraits

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The cats featured in this blog are the most beautiful, cuddly and just darn adorable of their kind. They come in all shapes and sizes, but each has its own individual look that sets it apart from every other cat.

This blog is for people who love cats as much as I do or even more. If you are one of these people then welcome to ‘How To Show Your Love For Cats With Animal Portraits’.

The name ‘Animal Portraits’ is a bit misleading because there are no portraits here. What you will find is artwork depicting cats and other animals in realistic poses and settings. But the name was chosen for a reason: each piece is about capturing the spirit of the animal within. You can be sure that any cat or dog featured here has been loved very much and had a happy life before it became old enough to pose for me.**

**All animals featured on this site were pets and could never be returned to their natural habitat. Their deaths were always humane, either at home or at veterinarian’s office.”

The love for cats is a beautiful thing. It’s what brings us all together, and we should share our passion for cats with the world. That’s why I decided to create an art blog.

Art is one of the most important things in the world. Everyone has their own interpretation of art, and everyone interprets it differently. Art is subjective, which makes it very interesting.

Trying to portray cats in a way that everyone can agree with is difficult, because everyone has different tastes. But I think that I’ve managed to create something many people will like.

I started this blog as a way to share my love for cats with others. I hope that you’ll enjoy it, and will tell your friends about it after you visit it.*

Art is a way of communicating feelings, emotions and sometimes even ideas. The range of art is vast and the best way to communicate visually is through animal portraits.

Cats are a species of animal that can be portrayed in many ways. If you are looking for inspiration to turn your cat into art, here are some tips on how to do it right.

Cats Have Feelings Too

Many people think that cats are heartless creatures who would not care one bit if they were not fed or played with. This is an unfair stereotype as cats are very complex animals who have as much feelings as dogs or any other animal. If you want to make your cat’s portrait visually appealing, it is very important to show his feelings and emotions. A good example would be a picture of your cat when he is staring at the wall because he expects food to fall from the sky. That is a perfect opportunity to capture the true essence of his personality. 

The Eyes Have It

The eyes are the window to the soul and so they should be depicted in the best possible way. Depending on how you feel about your cat, you can choose between showing love, hate or simply indifference. Some people also like to make their cat look like it possesses great wisdom but that takes

I’m a pet portrait artist. I focus on drawing cats as realistically as possible. I want to share some tips and tricks to drawing cats, make it easier for others artists, and also just give cat lovers something cool to look at!

I will be posting tutorials (including a tutorial on how to draw cats), reviews of art supplies, and lots of other cat related content.


I already have a few tutorials up, they are:

-How to draw cat eyes:


-Sketchbook videos:


I’ve reviewed several art supplies including this one:

Cats are the most popular pet in the US. You can’t go anywhere without seeing a cat or a picture of a cat. It’s impossible not to love cats when there are so many pictures of them everywhere. But what about all those pictures of cats playing a guitar, or surfing on a shark, or playing poker? Is that art? That’s what “Catstacats” is all about. We love to see creative portraits of cats and kittens.

Artists around the world have been doing a great job at turning ordinary animals into fantastic works of art. They’re able to do this by using their artistic talents as well as Photoshop to turn a picture of a dog or cat into something you wouldn’t believe unless you saw it firsthand.

The Internet is filled with animal art, and that’s where the real action is. Most of these artists are doing this because they love animals, and they want to show the world what incredible creatures they really are when they’re given a little help from some talented people.

Artists around the world have been doing this for years now. These talents are able to draw cats in such a fashion that you will swear that it’s not actually an animal, but some kind of mythical creature straight out of an enchanted forest.

William Blake once said, “The reason a cat has so many lives is because it doesn’t give a damn.”

If you love your cat and want to capture her playful spirit on canvas, then this how-to guide will help you draw and paint cats. You’ll learn about the different breeds of cats and their unique characteristics. If you want to draw cats in everyday situations, this article will show you how.

Drawing Cats: What You Need To Know

Cats are one of the most popular subjects for artists. There’s just something so fascinating about those big round eyes, that sly smile and the sense of adventure they seem to have when they look at the world around them.

Here are some tips on drawing cats:

Know The Different Breeds Of Cats

The first thing you need to know is what kind of cat you’re drawing. Are they domestic or wild? Do they have long hair or short hair? Are they a tabby or a tortoise shell? All this will determine how to go about drawing your cat. For example, if it’s a tortoise shell cat with short hair, then its fur won’t be very fluffy so it might be best for you to use an ink pen instead of pencils if that’s the case

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