What is Abominal Cavity Anatomy?

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What is Abominal Cavity Anatomy?

Abdominal Cavity Anatomy is a fine art of showing the internal organs of the body. The internal organs are displayed by a person’s actions. For example, when someone is nervous or stressed, they usually show it with their hands. In this case, one would display the internal organs of the body to express a feeling or emotion through action. And that is what abdominal cavity anatomy is all about: showing emotion through actions which represent the internal organs of the body.

“Abominal Cavity Anatomy” is a term to describe the kind of art made by my friend Colin Ackermann. I use “abominal cavity” instead of “stomach” because it’s funnier, and also because Colin’s work is about what happens in your stomach, not just what happens when you look at pictures of it.

The first time I saw Abominal Cavity Anatomy was on the walls of Colin’s apartment. In the style of certain primitive African masks, there were faces–but they were made out of gnarled masses of intestines, with eyes and mouths gouged out to reveal red muscle beneath. It wasn’t a pretty sight, but I was impressed. The message was clear: this is not just some abstract painting; this thing has teeth.

Colin showed me prints and drawings he’d made that were even more disturbing–spidery things with teeth like barbed wire, or bloated blobs oozing fat and hair, or strange muscular growths like tumors or the tentacles of an octopus. Occasionally there would be a lone body part–an eyeball, say–without much context in the picture; you’d have to look very carefully to figure out what you were supposed to be

Figurative art is a vision of the world as it might be. Our subconscious drives us to create art that represents the true state of reality. When we are created in the divine image, there is nothing more natural than for us to make art. Any art that does not follow this is unnatural and disfiguring. A culture without figurative art is not an artistic culture but one that has been robbed of its artistic heritage

Abominal Cavity Anatomy is a vision of the human body as it actually exists. There are no idealized bodies or perfect images. The body is shown as it really is; a complex system with many chambers, organs and systems.

“The Abominal Cavity Anatomy project started on Janaury 19th 2012 when I had my first photoshoot on stage at a local church using the acrnym ACAN for a name.” -This excerpt was taken from the artists website: http://acrt.deviantart.com/art/Abominal-Cavity-Anatomy-Portrait-Project-250577698

The abdomen has always been a difficult area to draw. The main reason for this is the lack of a skeleton, which makes drawing poses difficult. And then there are all the parts that jut out awkwardly.

*The Abdominal Cavity Anatomy was developed in response to this problem. It works by reducing the human body to its more vital organs and other important features. Using this technique, artists can draw any pose with ease, and with precision and accuracy.

*This art style is usually used by artists who wish to show their work in public, as it is fast and simple to draw. It is also useful for use in animations and comics, due to its emphasis on facial expressions and actions.

*In recent years, new styles of Abominal Cavity Anatomy have been introduced that focus on more specific areas than the standard style; these include Pectoral Cavity Anatomy and Foot Cavity Anatomy.*

An Abominal Cavity Anatomy is a drawing of a human body that uses the space outside the body to represent the space inside it. The trick is to arrange things so that what you see when you look at the drawing is roughly what you would see if you opened up a similar-sized human being and looked at its innards. So, for instance, suppose you wanted to draw an Abominal Cavity Anatomy of a human head. One way to do it would be to draw the entire head (eyes, nose, mouth) on the outside of your paper and then draw an outline around it representing the skull. Another way would be to draw the entire skull (or some recognizable part of it) on the outside of your paper and then draw an outline around it representing your face.

The term was invented by Michael Tyznik, who has drawn many excellent examples of them on his website.*

Define Abominal Cavity Anatomy

Abdominal cavity anatomy is the internal anatomy of the abdominal cavity. This is part of the abdominopelvic cavity, which is an anatomical space enclosed by a system of membranes and bones. The main organs are the stomach, small intestine, spleen, liver, and pancreas.


Abominal Cavity Anatomy is an art show consisting of twenty-one taxidermied animals with their guts removed and replaced with a tiny human body that has been painted to look like an anatomical diagram.

The animals were found dead in the wild, cleaned and preserved by licensed taxidermists, and placed on display in museums for educational purposes — the reason for their presence here is simply to provide scale for the human form.

In order to fit its human figure, each animal must be gutted from tail to throat and its internal organs removed. The new figures are constructed from cast resin mixed with pigment. The resulting sculpture is then re-stuffed: the new internal organs are suspended from a steel armature that allows them to move under their own weight, but keeps them from falling out of their cavities.

Tools used include paintbrushes, scalpels, turkey basters, bow saws, garden shears, plumber’s snakes, power drills and fretsaws.

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