How to Paint Nude Women in the Urban Art Style

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How to Paint Nude Women in the Urban Art Style: a blog about recreating popular paintings using the urban art style.

People have been fascinated by the female body ever since they realized it was there. And people have been depicting the female body ever since they figured out how to draw. So it’s not surprising that nude paintings are among the most popular art out there, even in this era of digital media and highbrow trends. There is something very appealing about a beautiful naked woman, but there is also an element of voyeurism (or is it exhibitionism?) involved that makes many people uncomfortable. Since people love both looking at nude women and being titillated by the idea, it’s no wonder that many talented artists have tried to recreate some of history’s most famous nudes in their own style.

What follows are some examples of those recreations, along with the original paintings they were based on and links if you want to buy them or see more work by the artist.

Painting Nude Women in the Urban Art Style is a blog that recreates popular paintings using the urban art style.

“Popular” and “urban art” are not words that normally go together. In fact, urban art is a relatively new art form. It started in the 1980s as a way for young people in New York City to express themselves artistically and make money at the same time. By adding colorful graffiti to buildings, parks, tunnels and other public property you could make a living by doing something that was both beautiful to see and illegal. Today, urban art has morphed into a much broader form of expression, but it still has its roots in New York City.

The idea behind Painting Nude Women in the Urban Art Style is that there are many talented artists around the world who don’t have access to a large audience or urban walls on which to paint. So Painting Nude Women in the Urban Art Style combines these two things! We recreate popular paintings using the urban art style so that artists can use our work as an audience, and we use their work as inspiration for new creations.

The blog is written by one person (me!) who is both an artist and a writer. I’m writing this description because I need you to

I love urban art. I also love to paint. In fact, I’ve painted for quite some time. My favorite subject to paint? Nude women.

Never did the two interests collide until the other day when I was reading an article about urban art and the idea struck me that it would be fun to try recreating some of my favorite pieces in the urban art style.

The first thing that struck me was that there seemed to be no instructions out there on how to recreate this style of art. And so, in an effort to help everyone out, I’ve put together this blog to help you learn how to do it too!

And now, without further ado, here’s a tutorial on how to paint nude women in the urban art style!

Hello, my name is Adam and I have always had a passion for painting. I created this blog to share with you my love for the urban art style. This is not to be confused with graffiti as I am recreating popular paintings using this style.

T-Shirts are available upon request (I do accept PayPal) or you can purchase them through my friend’s online store at

Thanks for stopping by and take a look around. Hopefully you will find something that you like. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions or just say hi!


According to the experts, there are two ways to grow a successful blog: either be really good, or be really different.

To be really good is to do something that most people are not doing, or do it much better than most people. When I started this blog I thought I was doing both of these things. I had never seen anyone try to paint urban art style nude women before, and I thought at the time that my painting skill level was decent for someone who had only been painting for a couple of years.

We’ll get back to the first part later. As for the second, well…

If you’re reading this, you probably already know what urban art is. If not, it’s a style of graffiti that began in New York City sometime around 1992. It’s characterized by letters with very precise outlines and carefully filled in colors.

After the initial boom came a period of decline and then relative obscurity before exploding again in 2006 as an Internet meme with the advent of Facebook and YouTube. Then Twitter took over and now Instagram has taken over from Twitter and Tumblr from Instagram etc.. The style has been copied everywhere from Brazil to Dubai and Moscow to Malaysia. You can find whole websites dedicated to reproducing famous works using urban art style lettering,

This is the blog that inspired me to start this website. I really like the style and creativity of this blog, and the simplicity of it’s layout.

Sometimes I think we need to think less about how to make more money with our blogs and more about how to make our blogs better. The only thing that matters is if you enjoy working on your blog. If you enjoy it, people will enjoy reading it. If you don’t enjoy it, then you’re wasting your time.

Urban Art Blog is a great example of a blog doing exactly what it wants to do 🙂

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