Handmade and giclee reproductions of historic academic paintings in an array of sizes, framed and un-framed.

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Grayson’s Art Club is not a bodega. It is a small business that sells handcrafted and giclee reproductions of historic academic paintings in an array of sizes, framed and un-framed.

In addition to the normal types of art, Grayson’s Art Club offers custom portraits. These can be used for decoration or for more practical purposes, such as placing your ugly boss in a compromising situation with a goat.

Grayson’s Art Club products are not cheap; prices start at $500 for unframed paintings and $1500 for framed ones. However, they are not as expensive as original works by famous artists. If you have always wanted to own an original Rembrandt but cannot afford one, Grayson’s Art Club may be right for you.

Mixed among the paintings are a few sculptures by Grayson himself, which he is happy to sell to anyone who asks. These have been called “interesting” but should not be purchased under any circumstances.

Grayson’s Art Club is a gallery in an old department store building on the main street of a small town. The gallery sells handmade and giclee reproductions of historic academic paintings in an array of sizes, framed and unframed. The reproductions vary in quality, but they are all high quality. The pricing ranges from high to outrageous.

The reproductions are mostly oil paintings done in the style of artists such as Botticelli or Vermeer or Rembrandt or Leonardo da Vinci or Albrecht Dürer or John Singer Sargent. They are all copies of famous works by those artists; none is a new original work by Grayson himself. They all contain visible brush marks and variation in the painting style; none has been computer-generated.

They carry no signatures, and Grayson does not identify any artist other than Grayson as the artist. One reproduction is called “A Girl with a Pearl Earring” even though it is clear that it is not a Vermeer.

Sizes range from 3″x5″ to 5’x8′ to 10’x12′. Most of them are smaller than 5’x8′, and most are under $1000 dollars. Grayson offers custom sizes at higher prices, and one

Grayson’s Art Club is a club for art enthusiasts. We offer handmade and giclee reproductions of historic academic paintings, in an array of sizes, framed and unframed. Original paintings are available upon request.

The originals these came from were painted by famous artists like Van Gogh and Monet, who spent long hours painstakingly reproducing what they saw in nature into beautiful works of art. These reproductions are the same size as their originals, to give the feeling that you’re getting more than what you are paying for.

It is unframed because framing can make it too expensive. Framing requires labor and materials, and depending on the size of the painting anyway, can push the price too high for some people. Painting frames can also take away from the beauty of the painting itself.

If you want to frame it yourself we recommend a simple black frame for most paintings. The price will be about $10-$20 for a frame at any local store like Walmart or Target. If you want to make it more elaborate you can use some fancy gold or silver frame, but that’ll make the art club more expensive.$

Grayson’s Art Club is the only fine art gallery in Manhattan where you can purchase handcrafted reproductions of historic academic paintings. We have painstakingly reproduced masterpieces by such greats as Caravaggio, Raphael, Rubens, and Michelangelo. Our reproductions are so authentic that we’ve even been featured in the New York Times Art Section.


All of our reproductions come unframed, but we offer a variety of frame styles to choose from. All of our frames are made out of solid oak and are built with museum quality standards. We understand that your choice in frame is just as important as the painting itself, which is why we take the time to get to know each customer on a personal level and help them select a frame that matches their interior decor. Once they’ve selected their frame, it is custom built to match the size of their painting.


We now have a couple dozen satisfied customers who are eager to work with us again. We offer a selection of reproductions that range from the reasonably priced to the luxury item.

Our main goal right now is to fully develop our brand; we’ll be expanding our online presence, building our social media presence, and working with the press.

We have a lot of plans for new products and services. I have set up some great relationships with artists who will help us expand into new products such as fine art prints, artist-designed posters and greeting cards. We’re also going to expand our selection of historic paintings, so we can provide more options for buyers looking for historical paintings, altarpieces, or anything that is highly important to them.

We try very hard to offer exceptional quality at an affordable price. A lot of people are wary about buying reproductions of paintings because they assume they must be cheap quality, but that’s not true at all with Grayson’s Art Club. Our reproductions are carefully made by hand in small batches by experienced craftsmen using traditional methods and materials. They are premium quality at a reasonable price!


grayson’s art club is a small gallery and shop located in the historic district of a quaint tourist town in southern new england. grayson’s has been owned and operated by my family for over 60 years.

The store carries an eclectic collection of fine art prints, paintings and photographs, including many limited edition reproductions of paintings by old masters.

Some of the most prized items in our inventory are the reproductions we have commissioned from local artists. We also offer custom framing at reasonable prices, with multiple options available. And because we are a small shop, we can make sure that customer service is always a priority.

Our customers are varied; some are native to the area, while others travel here specifically to visit our store. Some buy for themselves or for their homes, while others buy as unique gifts. We have found that no matter what the occasion, our customers appreciate the opportunity to acquire beautiful items at affordable prices from an establishment with such a long history.

Art club is a student run organization based in the arts and sciences college of the university of western ontario. We offer students, both novice and professional, a place to network with other artists, learn about the art world, and exhibit their work.

The club offers workshops on various art related topics such as drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. Workshops are held both at the art club studio and in the studios of individual members. The club also hosts talks from professionals in the field. Past speakers have included gallerists and curators.

The club has an extensive library of books on art history, theory, technique and criticism that can be used by members by appointment only during the academic year.

We hold regular meetings every two weeks where members may socialize or discuss any aspects of art that are on their minds. These meetings are also used to determine future programming for the year which will consist of social events such as gallery visits or museum trips, workshops on various topics, field trips to local galleries or artist’s studios and exhibitions in our own space.

The club hosts an annual gala event during frosh week where all new members may exhibit their work along with past members who have had work accepted into juried shows. The gala event is also

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