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This is a great opportunity to get a first look at the new Star Wars movies. You should not miss this chance because if you like Star Wars you will definitely love the movies. In the blog you can find detailed information about the characters and how they are designed. The blog also gives you information about how to build a Mandalorian.

The main character in Star Wars Galactic Adventures: Mandalorian is Jango Fett, who wore an armor with a t-visor helmet, a flak vest, and jetpack. His armor was made of beskar iron that was mined from the mines of Concordia. Beskar was an iron ore that was mined on Mandalore and it provided protection against lightsaber blades and blaster bolts alike. Here you can read more about this unique material that gave Mandalorians their legendary status on the battlefield.

The link below takes you to the blog which offers all the details about Jango Fett’s armor along with step by step instructions on how to build your own Boba Fett costume for Halloween or for cosplay events. Take a look at these fantastic costumes and see why Mando’ade are feared amongst criminals and Jedi Knights alike:

My name is Shawn and I am an active member of the Star Wars Lego community. I have been playing with Legos since I was 3 years old and ever since then I have loved them. Recently, I learned that there is a whole world of Star Wars fans like myself who share the same love for Star Wars, Lego and customizing their own creations based on that universe.

Towards this end, my goal is to introduce a concept of Mandalorian in terms of how to develop a character. At this point in time there are very little information available as to what canon Mandalorians are. So most of my information comes from the Expanded Universe (Star Wars Legends) such as the clone wars cartoon series and other various books, comics and games. The information below reflects these sources.”

The Mandalorian culture is a very interesting one and I really like the idea. It is my hope that in the future Lego will release something to do with the Mandalorians. If you are a Star Wars fan and like the Mandalorians then this blog is for you.

It has several categories of information in it including:

-Mandalorian origins – where they come from.

-Mandalorian history – what they have done in the past.

-A brief overview of their culture.

-Clans – some say there are over 1000 clans but this blog only looks at a small portion of them.

-Jango Fett (the most famous Mandalorian) – his armour, his personality, his equipment and of course pictures of him in action!

-Mandalore – the home planet of all Mandalorians, it’s a veritable paradise…

-The Death Watch – A group of formidable warriors who want to take control of Mandalore.

The Mandalorian concept art, and images, were created by the design team at Lucasfilm, who also designed the original Boba Fett costume.

The helmet was designed to convey a sense of age and history. The dents and battle-worn look depict a character who has seen much combat. The smooth areas on the helmet contrast sharply with the more heavily worn areas, creating clear areas which help the viewer differentiate between wearer and suit.

The predominantly orange color scheme was chosen to be reminiscent of traditional armor and medieval knights. The yellow highlights on the gauntlets, knees, and chest were added to create a balance between the traditional orange colors of Mandalorians and Boba Fett’s unique appearance.

The cape and shoulder plates are made from real cow-hide leather (with synthetic suede patches as reinforcement) that is hand-tooled to add an authentic worn appearance.

The primary blaster rifle is a modified version of Boba Fett’s original EE-3 carbine rifle used in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. This new version features an extended barrel with a built-in macroscope that can be deployed from under the weapon’s main body into which a second blaster can be attached so that it protrudes through the macroscope’s targeting

The Mandalorians are a group of warrior cultures found in the Star Wars universe. They have appeared in Star Wars literature and also feature in many video games, novels, comics and films. The Mandalorians were first introduced in the 1992 novel The Bounty Hunter Wars, by K. W. Jeter. In the story, Jango Fett was mentioned as an unaligned Mandalorian fighting for the Death Watch, a splinter group of the pacifistic New Mandalorian faction.

This led to a series of books, in which Jango Fett became a prominent character. These included Boba Fett which revealed that Boba was Jango’s son, and Attack of the Clones revealed that Jango was hired by Viceroy of the Trade Federation, Nute Gunray to be the template for an army of clones (the Republic’s Clone Troopers).

The 2003 multimedia project Star Wars: Clone Wars further cemented the popularity of the Mandalorians with fans due to their extensive appearances throughout all forms of media during this time period. The Clone Wars animated series’ second season introduced more characters and backstory to this group; including a ‘supercommando’ arc within its second season which focused on Boba Fett and his father Jango. In 2008,

The Mandalorians are a fictional race of warriors in the Star Wars universe. They have appeared incountries, including the main trilogy and the prequel trilogy. Their first chronological appearance was in the 2003 The Clone Wars series depicted as slave soldiers during the Clone Wars under the leadership of Cassus Fett.

Towards the end of the Clone Wars, they became independent mercenaries hired by Darth Sidious to kill Jedi Master Mace Windu.

In their backstory, the Mandalorians were driven from their home planet, which was named Mand’alor in honor of their leader and founder. In addition to other exiles, they joined together and rebuilt their culture from scratch on a planet called Mandalore, and established a new base for their civilization in a structure called Mandalore’s Stronghold. The Mandalorians developed into a culture that “emphasized honor and loyalty above all else”.

The rise of the Galactic Empire allowed bounty hunter Boba Fett, son of Jango Fett, to become one of the most feared individuals in the galaxy at that time. During his travels throughout the galaxy he encountered numerous adversaries who would either try to capture or kill him, but he would always escape them with his speeder bike.

A decade after his father’s death,

The Mandalorians are a group of nomadic warriors in the Star Wars universe. They are known to be ruthless and efficient warriors, who often employ mercenary work.

An interesting aspect of the Mandalorian culture is their language. The Mandalorians speak Mando’a, a language based on Japanese. This language is used by the different clans throughout their society. It has also been used in many of the books and videogames that take place in the Star Wars universe, including Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR).

The following are some words from Mando’a:

“Ba’jur” – A greeting used among friends or family members. It is translated as “honored one”.

“Birik” – This word means “mercy”, which is ironic since there is rarely any mercy shown to enemies in battle.

“Dar’manda” – This word means “my brother”, whether literally or figuratively. It is used among comrades-in-arms, especially brothers-in-arms, such as two Mandalorians fighting side by side on the battlefield.

“Fenn Shysa” – This phrase translates to “This is how a Mando does it.” It was first heard when Fenn Shysa was taking

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