5 Stunning masterpieces of Red, Blue and Green

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The famous works of art have a lot of meanings in them, and the colors are a big part of them. In the art world, color is used in different ways to depict the mood and feelings of the artwork. For example, red is a color that is used to display anger or fire, blue portrays mystery and/or sadness, and green is used as an expression of freshness. Depending on the tone of the painting, you might not even notice that some colors are being used.

The colors used in famous works of art also correspond to social norms during that time period. For example, in ancient Greek society it was considered a bit taboo for women to paint their nails since it was considered more of a manly thing to do; however, during this time period it was acceptable for men to be painted with bright colors such as pink or red in their paintings.

As time progressed, so did the role of color in artwork. If you take a look at impressionist works of art you will see a lot more colors being used compared to traditional pieces. A lot of impressionist artists started using new techniques such as pointillism which allows you to use less colors but implies many more colors using dots of various sizes and values.

List of famous works of art (with pictures) can be sorted by each artist’s signature style or by subject of the artwork. Famous art works include paintings, sculptures, drawings, graphics – any visual arts. Some famous artists are well-known for specific genres. Here is a list of well-known paintings.

Titian paintings can be found here: http://www.100x100px.com/artists/titian

Famous Art Pieces & Artists

This list of famous art pieces and artists will give you an idea about the most influential painters in history and their best work. Painters are listed alphabetically and include their most famous works of art. The list includes photography, video installations, sculpture and other media as well as painting.

The 10 Most Famous Paintings Ever Created…

Having a passion for art is one thing, but it’s totally different when it’s time to choose your favorite pieces of art. It’s not supposed to be easy. The more you know about art, the more difficult it is to pick just one.

Trying to make a choice? Here are a few of the most famous pieces of art from history. How many do you recognize?

Pieta by Michelangelo

Venus de Milo by Alexandros of Antioch

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer

Whistler’s Mother by James McNeill Whistler

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

The French painter Yves Klein was born in 1928 in the small, industrial town of Nice. Klein first started making art as a teenager, having been inspired by a visit to an exhibition of works by Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. After studying at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, he moved to Paris and began studying under the sculptor and painter André Lanskoy, who introduced Klein to the artistic avant-garde scene there.

Description:Klein’s first paintings were all monochromes of different shades of blue; however, he soon began using more colors and his paintings became increasingly abstract. In 1953, Klein began using the color “International Klein Blue,” which was a pure pigment that he developed and marketed as part of his artistic endeavor. The color was a deep ultramarine and it contained no pigments or dyes that would alter its chemical composition or appearance. He also used this color in his sculptures, which were painted with enamel paint or lacquer that contained dissolved IKB.

In 1960, Klein collaborated with Italian architect and designer Piero Manzoni on two objects called “Anthropometry” I and II that featured IKB-painted canvases stretched atop human skeletons. Two

Art is the expression of man’s creative activity, the manifestation of his profound spiritual aspirations and lofty ideals. Works of art are a mirror of their time and reflect the way people thought, felt and believed. They are evidence of the extent to which they were able to express themselves artistically.

Art is a language that everyone understands. It is an open window on history, a universal language understood by all peoples, every culture and country. Art is one of our most precious possessions as a nation and culture. Through art we may learn about our past, understand our present and look into our future. Through art we may enrich our lives immeasurably, for it is through art that we come to know ourselves better as human beings.

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