Bottle Art – A Company With a Unique Vision For Wine Bottles

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Bottle art is a new way to enjoy wine. These bottles are custom made and make great gifts. Bottle art offers a lot of fun and pleasure and they transform any dinner into a special event.

Bottle Art – A Company With a Unique Vision For Wine Bottles

Bottle Art is a company with a unique vision for wine bottles. Each bottle is hand-painted by an artist and they have the original designs that they work from. They have the bottles in their warehouse and at present time, they are working on future orders and getting ready to send more out. Their plan is to grow their business so that they can get even more designs out there for people to buy. So far, the sales have been good and people seem to like what they see.

They have artists from all over the world who work on designs for them. And each designer has a different style which gives a wider range of choices for people who want something different when it comes to bottle art. The artists work from original sketches or design ideas that come from Bottle Art so that the end result is better than anything the artist could come up with on his own. The team at Bottle Art has a lot of experience in the world of art, which helps them make sure that each design will be able to sell well and give customers what they want and deserve.

The bottle art that Bottle Art sells are all handmade by local artists who take care in each detail of their work, so that each piece is one-of-a-kind and perfect. They have been

If you love wine and want to see the bottle art, check out Bottle Art. A company with a unique vision for wine bottles. Bottle Art has taken the art form of glass blowing to a new level by allowing artists to create one of a kind designs on the glass. The designs are then protected by wrapping them around an empty wine bottle, resulting in a unique piece of art.

Bottle Art takes pride in working with many different artists and having a wide range of styles and ideas. Bottle Art offers customers an opportunity to purchase one of a kind wine bottles as well as gives other artists the opportunity to showcase their work.

Bottle Art is a company with a unique vision for wine bottles. Our clientele includes some of the industry’s most prestigious wineries, and our artists are recognized for their artistic flair and innovative approaches to design.

We’re proud of our reputation and we’re dedicated to upholding it. We know that the quality of our work speaks for itself and we never have to resort to gimmicks or cheap tricks to make a sale. But sometimes it’s fun to go above and beyond what’s expected, and give customers something they can really be excited about.

Tying in with our vision for wine bottles as works of art, we’ve created an art contest that will take place periodically throughout the year. Each contest will have a theme, and all Bottle Art team members will vote on the best entry. The winning artist will receive $1,000 cash as well as a bottle of the featured wine from the company whose label they designed.

The first theme is “Bugs.” Your challenge is to create an insect that you think looks good enough to adorn the label of a bottle of wine–and good enough to win our hearts over!

You don’t need any special skills or training to enter this contest, just a creative mind and some artistic abilities (however

The first bottle of wine I bought was in a bar in L.A. I asked for the cheapest thing on the menu, and the waiter pointed to a bottle across the room and said that was it. I don’t remember what kind of wine it was, but I will never forget what it looked like. It had a label decorated with a picture of a Native American in full headdress, riding a horse down a railroad track while shooting arrows at the train.

Tasteful, no?

Bottle Art sells labels like this one: A cuddly panda bear sits on its haunches next to a glass of cabernet sauvignon. The image is surrounded by swirls of gold foil and accented with colorful jewels. The bottle itself looks like a Byzantine relic—a cross between an old-fashioned perfume bottle and an idol from an Indian temple.

I asked Michael about the image of the panda holding wine. “The idea behind that one is that people want to buy good wine,” he said, “but they’re intimidated by all those big words on the label.” And if cute pandas can’t sell you on the idea of drinking red wine instead of white, maybe they’ll do so with pink champagne bottles decorated with

Bottle art – By Paul Wappel

The company, which opened its doors in 2007, is a creative outlet for founder Robert Earl, who has been making art since he was a kid.

“I’ve just always been fascinated by bottles,” says Earl, who has a degree in fine arts and painting from the University of Guelph and won the Governor General’s Award for his printmaking in 1996. “There’s something more to them than meets the eye.”

Earl started off as a fine artist, but found himself drawn to commercial work over the years due to its versatility, travel opportunities and remuneration.

This led him to design labels for the LCBO and win awards for gold and silver medals at the Tastings International Wine & Spirits Competition. But it was when he began designing labels for small boutique wineries that he really began getting noticed.


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