Lemonade and Urban Art Association

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Lemonade and Urban Art Association is a collective of muralists, street artists and graffiti writers. We offer our services to the public at large and are always looking for new projects. We also aid other artists in their endeavours while teaching the art of creating masterpieces to the youth in our community.

We have a wide range of tools at our disposal ranging from aerosol cans, stencils, wood burning tools, silk screen printing kits and much more. We are based in Toronto but travel throughout Canada and the world doing commissioned work. If you would like to contact us for any reason please do so by emailing info@urbanartassociation.ca or by calling 416-937-1120.

We are always interested in meeting new people and seeing what we can do for you!

The Lemonade and Urban Art Association is a collaborative of artists, musicians and writers working together to expand the arts community. The group began with just five people but now has around 50 members.

The group’s next project focuses on the upcoming South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. The project is called “Lemonade.”

“‘Lemonade’ will be one of the major events at this year’s SXSW,” co-director Adam Zepp said. “It’s not a party.”

Zepp said he didn’t want to give too much away about what ‘Lemonade’ will entail because he does not want to spoil it for festival-goers. But he did say that it would be an interactive experience for anyone who attends.

“This is the first time we are making something like this,” Zepp said. “There will be live music and other interactive things that people can do while they are there.”

One of the most impressive and unique urban art association that has been sprouting up in recent years. It is called the Lemonade and Urban Art Association, located in Montreal, Canada. This non-profit organization provides a platform for emerging artists to take their first steps towards becoming masterful urban artists.

The Lemonade and Urban Art Association is a group of talented young people who are doing something about graffiti by offering an alternative to illegal street art.

The Lemonade and Urban Art Association is a group of artists and community activists that are trying to make a change in the city of Detroit. They have already started doing their first project, which is to paint one mural and clean up the graffiti in the city. They have been doing this for free so far, but they are trying to find ways to fund this program so it will be more consistent.

The Urban Art Association is a nonprofit organization which provides urban youth with the opportunity to involve themselves in the world of art.The UAA’s mission is to bring art into the lives of children and youth through collaborations with professional artists, exhibitions, workshops and activities.

The UAA provides a safe environment for urban youth to express themselves artistically and acquire valuable life skills through exposure to professional artists in their community. The UAA nurtures an appreciation for the creative potential inside every individual and provides a catalyst for artistic expression, personal growth and development, and an opportunity for urban youth to become involved in the arts.

The UAA was founded in 1994 by Andrea Arroyo who recognized that young children from low-income communities need creative outlets that are readily available. The UAA has grown from its inception as a small group of teenagers working together with Andrea on projects in their neighborhood to full-scale public art projects with community involvement by hundreds of Bronx residents from all walks of life. In 2006 we became a nonprofit organization 501(c)3, which has enabled us to expand our programs and reach more people.”

The Urban Art Association (UAA) is a non-profit, student-run organization. The UAA strives to bring urban art to the streets of Buffalo. Through murals, workshops and other events, the UAA aims to create an interactive and collaborative environment that celebrates the city and its rich culture as well as bringing together different communities.

We have several projects in the works including but not limited to:

A mural along Niagara Street between Allen and Jewett Avenues (Buffalo’s “Art Alley”)

A mural on Main Street in front of the Old Post Office (Buffalo’s “Art Post Office”)

Mural on Hertel Avenue between West Ferry and North Ogden Streets (Buffalo’s “Art District”)

Workshops for aspiring artists including graffiti, stenciling, wheat pasting, etc.

**Please contact us at urbanartbuffalo@gmail.com with any questions or ideas!**

The Urban Art Association (UAA) is a nonprofit corporation working in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan community to promote and support urban art by unifying artists, promoting artwork and encouraging art education through involvement in the arts. The UAA’s mission is to help revitalize communities through public art by developing opportunities for artists’ self-expression, providing an outlet for creativity, and enhancing the visual environment of our urban areas.

Tired of seeing blighted buildings throughout the District? Fed up with graffiti? Want to make a difference? Well, you can. Artists have been using their talents to beautify neighborhoods and improve communities for centuries. Through murals that adorn public spaces like schools, libraries and recreation centers the UAA hopes to encourage the community at large to take pride in their neighborhoods while creating a sense of identity within their community.

The UAA is dedicated to providing opportunities for self-expression for local artists and youth who may not otherwise have a voice or an outlet for creativity. Through our various educational programs we hope to inspire young people and adults alike to look at their surroundings as opportunities for artistic expression, rather than obstacles or eyesores. The UAA engages local artists by providing them with an outlet for self-expression and an opportunity to interact with

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