10 Tips To Make Your Home A Dream Home

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The services at Disney Home Store feature modern and classic designs, as well as accessories to make your home a dream home.

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Bedroom furniture: Love your bed so much you want it to be part of the decor? Bedroom furniture features designs that add up to more than just a place to sleep!

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In the end, it all boils down to the fact that you have to be the one to make your home look beautiful. You have to make the decision to spend time in your home and be happy. You have to decide that your home is worth it and that it will make you happy.

Truly beautiful homes are not born, they are made. If you truly want a dream home, then don’t be afraid of making the effort to build it. Don’t give up and don’t let any obstacles stand in your way!

What I really like about this painting, is that it gives the impression of being a real home. The decor is very much to my taste and I can imagine sitting in this room with a cup of tea. It looks like a place where you would feel comfortable to come back to after a long day at work.

It is still unmistakably Disney, but not so over the top that it becomes cartoonish. One reason for this, is the choice of color palette. The dominant colors are shades of brown and beige, which are generally easier to live with than bright primary colors or clashing patterns. Another reason for the subtlety of the design, is that all of the elements in the room have been chosen with great care. The choice of furniture and decorations has been made with an eye for balance and harmony rather than flashy novelty. No single element stands out as being out of place or too ostentatious.

I would love to live in a space like this one day!

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1. Pick a color scheme (whites, creams or grays) or stick with one strong color in your décor (red, teal or aqua).

2. Pick a theme (tropical, classic, antique or modern) and stick with it. Be consistent throughout the house.

3. Avoid clutter at all costs. Hide the clutter you can’t get rid of by storing off-season clothing and equipment in large, clear plastic containers marked “Christmas,” “Kitchen,” “School” and so on.

4. If you can’t do something yourself, hire a professional.

5. Set aside an hour a week just for cleaning – don’t let the cleaning pile up!

6. Use storage space wisely: put away seldom-used items for easy access later on.

7. Label everything with painter’s tape to avoid losing track of things; take time to make sure each item is in its right place.

8. Make time each day to relax and enjoy your surroundings; this will increase your enjoyment of life as well as help you to appreciate what you have more fully…

9. Enjoy life!

Start by purchasing art that you love. This is the best way to ensure that the purchases will be used and enjoyed in your home. You can easily add color, design, or style depending on your personal taste and preferences. Be sure to choose pieces that will complement your existing furnishings and decorating tastes.

For instance, if you have a modern or contemporary decorating theme, artwork with abstract shapes and bold colors would be a great choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for artwork for a country living room, look for prints of flowers, landscapes, or animals.

Owning original art is a wonderful way to make any room more personalized and special; however, it can also be quite expensive. Instead of investing a great deal of money in one piece of original art, consider building a collection of smaller pieces that will still have a large impact on the appearance and feel of the room but at a more affordable price.

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