Your Eyes Say a Lot About You

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Eye Art is a blog about eye shape, eye color and eye movement. We aim to help you find your type and become familiar with what’s possible.

We’ll show you pictures of different eye shapes and provide information on how to enhance or change the appearance of your own eyes. You’ll learn the meaning behind different eye colors, as well as their impact on your personality.

If you’re trying to distinguish between two (or more) people in a picture, we’ll show you how to read the clues in their eyes.

If you want to know why someone is staring at you, we’ve got that covered too.

And if you have some pictures of your own, we’d love to see them!

It’s not easy to discover your own eye type. One way is to look in the mirror and take note of the shape of your eyes, their color and how they move when you look around. But that can be rather difficult, if not impossible. Unless you have a reliable friend to help you out.

Trying to figure out your eye type can also be difficult because there is no single perfect eye type. Having a monolid doesn’t necessarily mean you have an Asian eye shape, for example. A monolid is merely a trait or characteristic of an Asian eye shape. Likewise, an epicanthic fold doesn’t necessarily mean you have an Asian eye shape either. It could also indicate that your eyes are slanted due to Down syndrome for example.

What would be helpful is if there was a simple way to determine what your eye type was based on the shape, color and movement of your eyes alone without having to rely on another person’s observations or guesswork. This page is dedicated to helping you do just that.

Your eyes can reveal a lot to people around you. You might not be conscious of your eye movements or eye color. But people around you do notice these details. Eye shape is one of the most important aspects in determining how someone will look like. There are different kinds of eyes including almond shaped, round, and large eyes. These differences in eye shapes can determine what your personality is like.

There are also different colors that you could have in your eyes, such as blue, brown, green and hazel. Your eye color can determine what kind of emotion you feel when you see a certain color or something that resembles this particular color.

People around you can see what kind of emotions you feel just by looking at your eyes. You may have noticed that when people are being fake they tend to avoid looking directly into another person’s eyes. This is because they feel uncomfortable making direct eye contact with the other person because they know that person will be able to see right through them and tell that they’re lying or not being honest about something. Your eye movements can also tell others a lot about your emotions and thoughts about something.

When talking with someone, their eyes tend to blink faster when they are feeling uncomfortable or nervous about something being said to them or when they don

People are judged by the eyes they make. The two most famous assessments are eye shape and eye color.

Eye Shape

The shape of your eyes says a lot about you, or it can at least give you away if you try to pretend to be someone else. There are many different types of eyes and narrowing it down to one particular shape is no easy task. However, there does seem to be a basic outline of what each type represents that is quite accurate for understating the personality traits of an individual. Perhaps some of these assessments will ring true with you but the best way to find out is to take the quiz at

Eye Color

Eye color has been linked to personality traits for centuries but unlike eye shape it hasn’t advanced much further than generalities ( Some studies have shown that our interpretation of specific colors is based on how familiar we are with that color category and may vary from country to country. For example, in England blue has been associated with intelligence while in China it has signified wisdom and honesty; however, green has remained consistently interpreted as representing nature and life. No study has been

It is true that the eyes are windows to the soul. But what does that mean? What do our eyes really tell us about ourselves?

Well, there is a lot of information in our eye color and shape. Some of it is obvious, some not so much. For example, people with green or brown eyes are more likely to be outgoing and people with blue eyes are more likely to be introverts.

You can even tell a lot about personality based on eye color. For example, people with green eyes are often great at multitasking and being organized. The typical person with hazel eyes has great leadership skills and a good sense of adventure.  People with dark brown or black eyes are usually very adept at reading body language and knowing how others feel.

People with light-colored eyes usually have better verbal skills than those with dark-colored eyes. Also, those with light-colored eyes tend to have a soft spot for other people and animals.

The shape of your eyes also says something about you as well. People with large, wide-set eyes are commonly seen as more attractive than those with small or narrow-set eyes. Wide-set eyes also tend to make a person appear kinder and more innocent looking, though large set eyes can sometimes

Your eyes are an intricate part of who you are. They offer clues to your personality, physical condition, and aging process.

The shape of your eyes is a key tool for determining your eye color. If you want to know what color eyes you have, then check out the eye chart below, which will tell you which colors of contacts to buy.

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