What’s In a Sign Name?

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A recent string of posts by jaydeejeffe in the AC WIKI and on the AC Discord has sparked a heated debate about how to properly name and display signs.**

**The Sign-naming Controversy**

Jaydeejeffe, who works at the Nookling General shop, has made several claims about naming and displaying signs in his “What’s In a Sign Name?” blog series. The main point he makes is that most of the names given to signs by players are “generic,” which means that they show up frequently in search results, comparing “generic” names with “unique” ones. This strikes him as odd because, according to him, generic names are “slower to read” and are less likely to be seen when displayed in public. He continues that using generic names also leads to higher prices for signs at Re-Tail due to competition with other players who also want to buy them.

In response, many users have argued that many of Jaydeejeffe’s complaints are unfounded. They argue that most of the “unique” signs already taken have already been named by Nintendo, so there is no longer any

Just a brief post for all you Animal Crossing fan artists out there. I have been thinking about this a lot lately and it got me to thinking… how many sellers on the ACC actually pay attention to the names of their pieces? Not many, I wager.

So I will tell you that if you want to sell your items in the AC shop, please pay attention to what is called a proper sign name. A proper sign name is a sign that has the following:

name of item

category (wallpaper, furniture, carpet, etc)

material (cotton or wool)


Each time you sell a sign, you get 500 bells. Selling the same sign over and over for small profits is a reliable strategy for making money without killing too many animals or spending too much time scavenging the map for trees.

Trees: The only animal crossing trees I have found are palm trees. You do not have to buy palm tree saplings from Tom Nook’s store. There are always palm saplings in your town from the beginning of your game.

How To Get Animal Crossing Palm Tree Saplings

You can also find them in the Town and City shops after you have unlocked them by donating 5000 bells to the town fund via a donation box. These will be in your town on random occasions when you are visiting your friend’s towns and cities.

How To Sell Animal Crossing Signs In The AC Shop

You can sell any signs to Tom Nook in exchange for 500 bells at any time, day or night, during the hours that he is open.

How To Unlock More Signs In The AC Shop

The more signs that you sell to Tom Nook, the more signs that he will unlock in his shop. Because of this, it is best to sell all of your rarer signs first and then sell common signs like

If you’re trying to make a living selling signs, it’s helpful to know what actually makes a good name.

This may seem obvious, but it’s not. Anybody can come up with a clever name for themself, or for their band or their kid or their yacht. But that doesn’t mean the name will work in the shop.

A lot of names fail because they are too long and/or hard to read. A lot of names fail because they are confusingly similar to existing names in the shop. And a lot of names fail because they don’t tell you what you need to know about the sign (for example: “Merry Christmas” is not a good name for a snowman wearing sunglasses).*

Here are some tips that should help.

The first tip is that if you want your signname to be successful, it should convey what the signsellers are trying to hint at in its name. That is, if you want your signname to be successful, it should sound like something someone would say when describing the item itself.*

For example, “It’s my birthday present! Can I open it now?” almost sounds like you

The first thing to know about naming signs is that most people are terrible at it. The second thing to know is that this is okay, because you don’t need to be good at naming things in order to make money from them.

This article talks about how I named and sold some of my signs, and how you can do the same (or at least get a better sense of how much you could make).

When I first started playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I was annoyed with myself for not having thought of it first. Animal Crossing is a game about the free market! You buy and sell clothes and furniture, eat fish you catch and fruit you pick, pay off your mortgage by collecting rent… It seems like such an obvious idea for a game, but somehow no one had made it before.

I’m sure there’s some sort of important moral here about innovation or whatever, but honestly I was having too much fun with my new toy to think about that sort of thing.

After finishing all of the tutorials and talking to everyone in town (and by “talking” I mean “barked at”), the main game loop became pretty clear: every day your animal friend would ask you what you wanted to do that day. The options were pretty

I see a lot of questions about the shop and what sells, but the information is so scattered I figured making a blog would help!

I’m not saying this is everything you need to know. There’s always one item that flies under the radar for whatever reason. I’m just trying to put it all in one place for everyone to share and reference.

So here are some points to consider when naming your items:

– Use only English characters.

– Avoid using symbols such as !@

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