What Kind of Painter Are You? A Realist, Expressionist, or Abstract Impressionist

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The way I see it, there are three kinds of painters: the Expressionist, the Realist, and the Abstract Impressionist.

The Expressionist is the guy who always paints from life, never from a photo. He paints what he sees, just not necessarily in a literal way. The tree might have five trunks. The ocean might be purple with orange and green blobs floating around in it.

That’s the painter I was for years: my paintings were all from life, but they didn’t look like anyone else’s. No one told me there was anything wrong with this until I went to art school (with no intention of becoming an artist), and then someone said “you’re an artist” and I thought “what’s that supposed to mean?” And then I found out what it meant.

I’m not saying you can’t be a good artist if you paint from life; some of my favorite artists do that. But it was no longer enough for me. I wanted to paint something that someone else could look at and say “Aha! You stole that from _X_.” That’s when I realized how much fun it is to paint realistically (or expressionistically) but not literally.

We are all too familiar with the works of realists and impressionists, but few people know about expressionism. While it is true that expressionism is a slightly less popular genre than that of realism, it is also worth mentioning that there are several main schools of art in this category.

Traditionally, there are three main forms of this genre:

Expressionism: This style features distorted figures, bold colors, and of course a lot of emotion. The artist tries to convey something beyond what he’s painting. German Expressionism: This is the most common type of expressionist school; the paintings are very dark and creepy and often have hidden meanings within them. Abstract Expressionism: The artist here uses sweeping brushstrokes and vibrant colors to bring out the emotions behind his subject matter.

All three types of expressionist art are very different from each other, yet they’re all unique in their own ways. To fully understand the difference between them, you have to look at an example or two. For instance, take a look at this piece by Jackson Pollock.

Realist painters want you to see the world as it is, with no hidden meanings or messages. They paint what is apparent to the eye, without exaggeration and without regard to beauty.

Painting is an art of great beauty and also complexity. It is one of the most demanding forms of art. To be good at painting, you must be an artist with exceptional skills in color, form, and design. You must be able to capture the emotions and feelings of others through your painting. You will need to understand the fundamentals of drawing and painting.

Towards this end, I’ve published a series of articles about the different painting genres that exist now and in the past. This is part of my efforts to help people become better painters.

The landscape painter, the portraitist and the still life artist are some of the most popular genres of art. Each has their own distinct style, subject matter and approach. But why not try something new? Join us as we explore the different types of art and the styles they encompass.

The rules of this game are simple: 1. Choose any two of the following famous artists (they all work within the same genre, but in different styles):

Cézanne, Degas, Gauguin, Matisse, Seurat, and Van Gogh (DO NOT CHANGE THE ORDERS OF THE LIST)

2. Imagine that all of them are invited to a dinner party, who is seated next to whom?

3. Draw your seating arrangement and justify your choices!

I chose these painters not because they all painted paintings in the same style but because each one represents a specific genre which is worth understanding. They also represent major influences upon modern art and are thus great for students to study and compare.

4. For extra credit, create a scene depicting the dinner party you have arranged!

5. If you have time left over after completing this assignment consider creating a fourth piece of art by arranging or rearranging your own group of famous artists into a tableau!

6. You can choose your own title for this assignment but it should include the names of the painters written in their original order.”

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