What is One Line Art? The History, Tips and How to Draw

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One line art is a popular trend in the world of digital art. In fact, it has been around for quite some time. Commonly referred to as “speedart”, “sketch” or “flash” art, one line art is unique in that it requires only one line to create a scene.

Tutorials are available on how to draw this line art, but The Art of One Line provides in-depth articles and tutorials on the history of this art form and tips for better drawing skills. Be sure to read the tutorial on how to draw a horse!

One Line Art Checklist: How To Create One Line Art

Art tutorials are just a click away! With so many different styles of one line art available online, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste and needs!

One Line Art or Line Art is a type of art that is created using a single line, it can be either straight or curved and can be on any subject matter. It is in fact a variation of an art material that began in the mid-1900s when people started to use graphite to draw straight lines without erasing them. Today it is not used by artists as much as it once was, however people are still creating amazing art with this method today.

Truly talented artists have been able to create one line art that represents realistic images (see image below). They have been able to do this because they have mastered the different techniques needed to create the illusion of three dimensions from just one line. To create this type of art you need to understand Perspective Drawing and Shading Techniques.

As well as knowing how to shade various areas of the drawing you will also need to know how to shade your drawing in such a way that it appears three dimensional, even if you are only using one line for your drawing. This means that you need to know how light reflects off of the different areas of your subject matter and where the light source is coming from.

One Line Art vs One Stroke Art It is important not to confuse One Line Art with One Stroke

What is one line art? It is a form of art that involves drawing with a single line. The art can be created either freehand or with the aid of a ruler and is usually composed on paper although some artists have experimented with other materials such as glass, sand and even water.

One line art has been around since the beginning of time – examples of cave drawings were created by various ancient cultures to depict their gods but they were often drawn in one continuous line. The one line art was also used in religious ceremonies where a single line would be drawn to represent the path of the sun or moon.

In recent times the one line art emerged as an expression of the punk movement in Europe where it was used by political activists who wanted to keep their identities hidden at demonstrations. The creator would draw a single line on a wall or pavement indicating which direction to go in order for them to remain out of sight of the authorities.

As time went by and technology advanced, so did the one line art form. Computer graphics software was now available for those who wanted to create computer generated one line art but this did not stop traditionalists from continuing to use traditional methods – many artists nowadays continue using chalk on pavements and walls to create their masterpieces.

One line art is a term that refers to a form of art, often abstract, that has been created by a single line and may or may not include shading and coloring. These works of art can be created in the artist’s home and are often displayed for their artistic value so that the viewer can appreciate the work in its entirety.

Trying to create one line art is a good way to practice your drawing skills and provides an outlet for creativity. The works are often created using a ruler or pen so that each line is straight and evenly spaced from the other. The composition of these pieces is carefully thought out before any lines are drawn.

Some examples of this type of art include zentangle which involves drawing patterns using tangles made up of straight lines, Japanese calligraphy which uses one ink brush stroke per letter, and some types of Chinese character art which only requires that a single line be used to depict an image within the character.

Many people who create one line drawings use them as part of their interior design plan on walls or large canvases so they can be seen from all angles in a room. This type of artwork has become more popular in recent years because it is easy to store and simple to transport.

One Line Art is a drawing method that doesn’t require much artistic talent. You can create amazing drawings using only a ruler and a pen or pencil. This art form has been around for approximately 40 years, and it has grown in popularity over the years.


One Line Drawing art is a form of abstract art that involves drawing or creating images using one line. It is also known as line art, mono line and one-line drawing. One-line drawings are created using one stroke of pen or pencil on paper although sometimes they are made on a computer. The drawings do not involve complex shapes; they only use straight lines, curves and dots.

One Line Art Examples:

One-line drawing, or “mono,” is a form of drawing that uses only one line to create the art. It can be either two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D). It can be created with a variety of mediums, including pencils, ink pens, markers, crayons and watercolors.

Tutorials on making one-line drawings include demonstrations on how to make 3D pieces from household items, such as sponges and ice. “One Line Drawing” is also the name of an art exhibition that includes artwork by contemporary artists like Takashi Murakami and Clare Rojas.”

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