What Does Your Design Style Say About You? An infographic

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Now, the infographic below is not a complete list, but it’s still a good tool to help you decide if your style says what you want it to say.

If you’re looking for inspiration and some professional tips, why don’t you check out the infographic below and find it on Dribble?

A blog with an infographic about the different design styles and their meanings. Look for inspiration on Dribble.

Every designer has a style and personality that shines through every project they work on. Whether you’re just starting out or have been designing for years, it’s important to know what your style is so you can use it to your advantage in your next project.

The infographic below from the folks at 99designs shows off the different design styles and their meanings. Look for inspiration on Dribble.

A designer’s style is the sum of their aesthetic decisions. It is a reflection of their creative process, their likes and dislikes, their preferences and prejudices. Design styles are usually associated to the kind of work a designer is involved in. A designer working in print media will have a different style than one who works in web design. As such, there are several styles that have been popularized over time.

The fundamental idea behind this post is to help you understand what your current design style says about you. We’ll explore six popular design styles and what they say about the designers using them.

If you’re interested in doing some graphic and visual designs, but have no clue about where to start, here are some useful tips that can help you out.

According to the infographic, the design styles vary based on how you want to portray your personality. Some of these styles include: minimalism, pop art, grunge, typography, abstract and illustration.

Hipster design is more than a trend, it’s a reflection of our values. Take a look at this infographic to see how your design style says something about you as a designer and as a person.

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It’s not just about how things look, it’s also about how they work, and that depends on the person who uses them. So you can learn a lot about someone from how they use technology.

If you’re planning a design project and need to figure out what kind of style to use, here are some things to consider:

What message do you want your product to convey? Even if you’re a solo entrepreneur working on a side project in your spare time, what message do you want your design to communicate? Is it professional, playful and fun, indulgent and luxurious? What is it saying about you?

A lot of designers have a signature style that they stick to no matter what. I don’t do this, and it’s not just because I’m a freelancer. It’s because I believe in letting the design dictate the direction and style.

Here are some popular design styles that are used by many designers. See if you can figure out which designer uses each style by looking at their work!

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