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“Weather Worn: Fantasy Art by Aaron Burden” is an art book. It was published by Abbeville Press. This art book has 92 pages and it contains a variety of beautifully illustrated artwork. Those who are interested will love this book for the fantasy artwork. In my opinion, Weather Worn: Fantasy Art by Aaron Burden is an awesome art book that should be added to your collection if you enjoy fantasy art.


When I received the email from Aaron Burden asking if I would be interested in a review of his new book, Weather Worn: Fantasy Art I was blown away. I’ve been a fan of his work for quite some time and to now be graced with the opportunity to review one of his books is like a dream coming true. 

The book itself is just beautiful and seeing these scenes played out in real life always brings a smile to my face. The pictures were truly inspiring and I can’t wait to use them as reference for some of my new works. The book is laid out beautifully with gorgeous paintings by Mr. Burden on the left hand side and weathering tips on the right hand side which really compliment each other well. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to break into the hobby or even seasoned painters that want to learn more about weathering techniques.”

Fantasy art is a strange but wonderful world. It’s full of possibilities, and the imaginations of talented artists are unleashed, so you can find all kinds of strange creatures, mysterious characters, spellbinding landscapes and more. But, like the real world, it’s also filled with harsh realities, such as harsh weather conditions.

The weather in fantasy art is one of those harsh realities. Whether it’s snowing in a mountainous landscape or raining on a city street, weather in fantasy art can be realistic or surreal; extreme or understated. Weather Worn: Fantasy Art by Aaron Burden collects some of his favorite pieces where weather has played a vital role in bringing the artwork to life!

Aaron Burden is an artist whose masterwork is the kind of thing you can only achieve by giving up trying to achieve it.

In the fantasy art world, there are two kinds of people: those who spend years painstakingly painting hyper-detailed miniatures, and those who do a few broad brushstrokes and then paint in the details afterward. Burden does his detailing afterward, but he does it so well you’d never know. His landscapes are just that: landscapes. They’re not stage sets for some epic scene, they’re simply beautiful places that happen to be populated with dragons and wizards and fairies.

When I first saw Burden’s work, I was struck by how far removed it was from most of the fantasy art I’ve seen. Most fantasy art is realistic in three ways: in its subject matter, in its depiction of light and shadow, and in its technique. It is realism that makes it possible to create a visual analog of language; realism allows an audience to immediately read meaning into a picture of an elf or a dragon or a spaceship. But precisely because it is so realistic, so easily read, it becomes difficult to strike a balance between clarity and detail. You can end up with something like Lord of the Rings—great for

Burden’s art is a visual expression of his imagination. It is not intended to be realistic or even particularly pretty in the conventional sense. Instead, it is an embodiment of the artist’s internal vision, and the viewer’s enjoyment comes from recognizing the fantasy elements and allowing oneself to be taken away by that vision.

For many years, Burden was a commercial illustrator, working for book and game publishers like TSR Hobbies, Inc., Wizards of the Coast, Inc., Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG), Decipher, Inc., and FASA Corporation. In addition to illustrating cards for Magic: The Gathering, he has worked on other games such as Shadowrun and Battletech. He has also illustrated many books and magazine covers.”

This collection of fantasy art is a must have for any fantasy art enthusiast.   

The art in this book is amazing and is sure to catch the eye of anyone who looks at it.   

The artist has taken the time to add in all sorts of little details and intricate designs that you can’t help but just sit there and admire.   

This book is a great collection of fantasy art and I would definitely recommend it.

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