We believe every space deserves beautiful art but doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We make it easy for you to find affordable art to liven up your home or office.

You are currently viewing We believe every space deserves beautiful art but doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We make it easy for you to find affordable art to liven up your home or office.

Just like your home, your office deserves beautiful art too. But it shouldn’t cost a fortune. At 1lineart, we bring you a large selection of wall art including photography, paintings, prints and more at affordable prices.

Let’s create something special, just for you!

We want to show you how to get the art you want and the style you’re looking for without breaking your budget.

We’ve got a wide range of styles and artists to choose from, whether you’re looking for contemporary art or more traditional artwork. We also offer framing options, as well as various wall art options including canvas prints, posters, framed prints and original watercolor paintings.

We also have a wide range of discount art options that allow you to customize your order with the help of our design tool.

Our team of artists is dedicated to creating art that you’ll love. We have a wide range of styles with many subjects and themes. From retro, pop and abstract to nature, animals and the female form, we have something for everyone.

We care about quality, so we work hard to ensure that every painting is of the highest standard. This can be seen in our attention to detail, from the color palette and fine brush strokes to the framing process.

Great art shouldn’t cost a fortune. We believe that no matter what your budget is you should be able to find great looking art. That’s why we offer high quality paintings at affordable prices.

One Line Art is a social enterprise that sells affordable, high-quality art. Our goal is to help you find and display beautiful art in your home or office for less than you would pay at a gallery.

We are a team of artists, programmers, designers, and educators from all over the world. We work together to create computer systems and tools to help people discover and buy great art.

We’re a non-profit organization that donates 50% of our revenue to animal rescue organizations.*

We are a small startup located in San Mateo, CA. After noticing how expensive fine art was, we wanted to make it affordable for people to buy original art. We want to make art more accessible while also providing an outlet for talented artists to show off their work.

Tate is a marketplace where you can find the perfect piece of fine art for you and your home or office. After discovering that most paintings cost $5,000+, we realized there was a huge opportunity to make high quality art easily accessible.

Art is subjective. We know that not everyone will like a piece of art as much as we do. But if you don’t love a piece, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund. We think that’s a pretty fair deal.

We stand behind our artists and their work 100%. Our in-house design team carefully inspects each piece of art before it leaves our warehouse and prepares it for shipping to make sure your art arrives in the same condition we sent it in.

When you order art from our collection, you’re getting the real thing! We only sell authentic pieces from our artists or trusted partners.

We hope you enjoy your new piece!

In a culture that celebrates the amateur, it’s refreshing to find a place where the professionals are celebrated. I invite you to visit that place now.

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