Top 10 Romantic Paintings of All Time

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The title of this list is “Top 10 Romantic Paintings of All Time”, and I have put together a collection of the most famous romantic paintings of all time.Romanticism in art tended to be about capturing a feeling or an emotion, rather than trying to create a realistic image. Some painters focused on themes such as nature, and others on eroticism. Whatever the theme, the real point was to make the viewer feel something by capturing an emotion that could be related to. The following list is a collection of the best romantic paintings ever made, as voted for by visitors to this site.

A list of the top 10 romantic paintings of all time. A list of the top 10 romantic painters of all time. Images and information on the top 10 romantic paintings of all time. The list of top 10 romantic paintings of all time, with pictures and information on each painting. The best Romantic art was created in France, Italy, England and Germany during the late 18th century and early 19th century. The word “romanticism” is used to describe an artistic style that developed during this time period and movement in art.

Titled ‘The Little White Girl’, the painting shows a young girl looking at a vase of flowers; the viewer’s focus is drawn to the girl’s face and posture rather than to the flowers or their background. The pose and expression are quite sensual; it has been suggested that she may be thinking about a young man who has sent her flowers.

The painting was completed by 1785, when it was exhibited at the Royal Academy in London; it is now located at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The art of painting has witnessed the passage of many eras and styles. Each style had its own distinct quality, from the realistic paintings of the Renaissance era to the abstract impressionism and cubism of the modern day artists.

Tastes and preferences for paintings have also changed over time. But one thing hasn’t changed is that people continue to love paintings with themes and styles that appeal to them. Hence, romantic paintings continue to be a favorite among many art lovers.[11] These are some of the top romantic paintings ever made.


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The beauty of the romantic paintings is that they are not only pleasing to the eyes, but also capture the essence of romance. As we all know, art is subjective and is interpreted differently by different people. There are various kinds of artists such as the impressionist, abstract, surrealist, and so on. Romantic paintings are created by painters who use their imagination and creativity to express their feelings and thoughts through their paintings. The main purpose of romantic paintings is to make the viewers feel the emotions of the artist.

The idea of “romantic art” is a tricky one. Some would argue that there isn’t really any such thing as romantic art, that the very notion is an oxymoron, that it’s a contradiction in terms. The truth is, however, that there are many different concepts of romanticism and they all seem to lead to different ideas about what constitutes romantic art.

Trying to make sense of them can be difficult. One approach is to ignore the problems and look at how the word has been used in the past and how it’s used now. Another approach is to try and actually define it using some common thread between all the various uses. A third approach is to try and find some underlying logic that explains why romanticism was thought to be so important in art.

For those who want a thorough discussion of what Romanticism was, you can visit Wikipedia’s page on Romanticism (

A painting is a visual representation of an image or person that is captured on a flat surface. Paintings are one of the oldest forms of art, and the most well-known and recognized. The history of painting in general can be divided into a number of periods, with some paintings associated with a particular period due to stylistic or other factors.

The different periods in art history are often referred to as “eras”. The traditional divisions in Western art history are the classical period, dating from the Greek Dark Ages to 500 AD; the medieval period, spanning the 11th through 15th centuries; the Renaissance period, from around 1420 to 1600; and the Baroque period from around 1600 to 1750.

These divisions are somewhat arbitrary, however, and specialized training is needed to fully understand the styles and place an artwork in its proper historical context.*

Romantic art was usually defined in contrast to Neoclassicism. Romantic artists were rebelling against the idea that art had to reflect the ideals of classical Greece and Rome, along with the idea that artists had to be trained in a highly formalized system before they could create meaningful images that reflected those ideals.

Towards the end of the 18th century and throughout the 19th century, romanticism spread across Europe and much of America. Romanticism in art is characterized by its departure from Neoclassicism and its focus on intense emotion instead of cool reason. Romanticism coincided with a time when the middle class was rising and wealthier people were able to spend more money on artwork, which increased demand for artists. The middle class also started to embrace new ideas about democracy, which inspired artists to depict heroic figures being destroyed by larger systems or forces.

Towards the end of the 19th century, impressionism challenged many of the ideas that were central to romanticism, such as emotional expression and realism. During this time, artists began moving away from romanticism’s focus on intense emotion and began focusing on everyday life instead. When artists started depicting everyday life, their work became more realistic than it ever had been before.

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