The Convergence of Digital and Traditional

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The Convergence of Digital and Traditional: A blog around digital art and many new features.

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I have been working on a new blog titled “the converged” which will be devoted to looking at the digital art world as a whole. I would like to invite you to join me in this journey, and help me shape the content of the blog.

I want to build a place where people who love art can come together and talk about art, share images and inspiration, and use their voices to support the arts and artists they love. I am passionate about the arts, and I believe that the convergence of digital with traditional media is bringing about an incredible renaissance in how we create and appreciate art.

The exciting thing about working in the digital art field is that it’s so new and different from traditional art. There are some things that traditional artists will do that are unique to them, like using charcoal or pastels. And they’ll have other things they tend to do because they’re traditional artists, like focusing on landscapes or portraits. But it’s more common for a digital artist to use both digital and traditional mediums in their work.

Trying to blend the two can result in something really unique and powerful. It’s not something that I specifically set out to do, but I have found through a lot of trial and error that this is one of the best ways for me to create art.

The 5th international digital art exhibition “Linea” will be an international and multicultural event, which will gather the most talented artists from all over the world.

The jury of the 5th International Digital Art Exhibition Linea will be selected among leading experts in the field of art: theoreticians, curators and artists.

As in previous years, the main prize at Linea-2013 is a trip to Paris to participate in the prestigious international event PARIS PHOTO Fair 2013.

The prizes are awarded by a professional and authoritative jury whose members are leading experts in contemporary art.

On the opening ceremony of Linea-2013 you can meet not only with exhibition participants, but also with all participants of PARIS PHOTO Fair!

We’ll inform you about all the events on our website and in our blog.

Come to Linea-2013!

I think people are going to be really surprised by what happens in the next five years. I’m a big believer in this. We’re still at the beginning of it, but there are a bunch of technologies that are converging: tablets, touch screens, and cloud storage. The way we’re going to see art is going to change dramatically.

Imagine you’ve got some 3D video, or an app that’s running at 60 frames per second on your tablet. You can imagine in the future you’ll be able to use that as an input device. Your finger is an input device; why not use your whole hand? Imagine you could paint with your whole arm in space with beautiful brushes, like a Kinect but better… I’m not saying someone’s going to do this next month. But the stages will go like this: first you get it on a tablet, then it will go to a phone, then maybe it will go to a wearable device. That’s three generations. In 10 years’ time we’ll have all these new devices and we’ll wonder why we even bought TVs anymore.”

Sophomore year I became obsessed with my own visual expression. The instructor for my photography class was a somewhat eccentric woman in her late forties. One day, she showed up to class wearing a wig she had made from her own hair. She also brought in dried flowers and feathers she found along the side of the road, and sewed them into the skirt of her dress. She then asked us to create an image that expressed our interpretation of the word “convergence.”

Her attire and assignment would have been amusing enough on their own; however, these things were taking place at a time when I was struggling with my sexuality and questioning my self-identity. In particular, I had just started transitioning from male to female and was very conflicted about how people perceived me. I often felt like a freak, especially in school where my peers were constantly making fun of me behind my back. So I decided to express myself through an image that expressed my inner turmoil and confusion about who I was as well as what it meant to be transgender during this time period.

The picture you see above is the image I created. It is a digital photo collage that contains over 150 separate photographs that I cut out by hand. The images are layered together in Photoshop and each

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