The Art of Sketching

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The Art of Sketching is a blog that publishes ideas that have worked in the sketching process. Some of the topics published here are:

1. What is sketching?

2. Creativity in Sketching

3. How to improve your drawing skills?

4. Basics of sketching

5. Different styles of sketching

6. Types of paper for sketching

7. What to avoid while drawing?

8. How to overcome creative blocks?

9. Different types of sketchbooks

The sketchbook is a place to make mistakes, to try things out, and to challenge yourself. I started the blog almost 10 years ago as a way of sharing my sketchbook with others who were interested in drawing. I wanted to share some of the challenges and experiments I was going through and hopefully inspire other artists to try something new.

Artists’ sketchbooks are the best resource for art information, especially if you’re looking to make an informed decision on what medium or style will work best for your needs. For example, if you’ve been considering trying a new medium, like pastels or acrylics, you can find out how these mediums would fit with your own style and preferred subject matter by reading about other artists’ experiences.

We also have a number of tips and tricks shared by our contributors that relate to drawing in general. Whether you’re into drawing realistic portraits or comic book characters, we have tutorials on the basics of rendering human anatomy and the most efficient ways to create cartoon characters.

This blog is full of useful information on how to improve your technique as well as how to choose the right tools. Sketchbooks contain a wealth of knowledge, and we hope you’ll find this site useful in learning how to draw!**

Sketching can be done with a pencil and paper, but the rough technique is ideal for working on a tablet. The following tutorial will illustrate how to do rough sketching in Adobe Illustrator.

The tutorial is based on the steps I took when creating a rough sketch of this illustration, where I used my Wacom Intuos3 tablet.

It’s always a good idea to take notes when you are learning something new.**

Being organized is crucial.**

It’s easy to make fun of the academic system, but it is a great way to learn things.**

So here we go! First, I will be using the following tools on my journey: 1st semester: Prokoer digital pad, Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens 2nd semester: Canson Mixed Media journal, Tombow Dual Brush Pens, Zig Millennium Painter’s Tape, Blick Acrylic Painting Materials, 3rd semester: Still deciding mwahahaha!

*You can find all of my videos on my YouTube channel under “Sketching With Marianne”.*

We will sketch a person (life size) on a sheet of A4 paper

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