The Art of Shopping in the Big City (a guide to finding the right art supplies)

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There’s no need to run out and buy a book on how to shop for art supplies. However, I’d like to share some advice that helped me find the best art stores in the big city of Chicago.


If you are a serious artist or designer, and you want to find the best place to buy your art supplies, this guide is for you.

Here you will find reviews of art supply stores in various major cities around the world.

Art supply shopping can be an art in itself, and often turns into an obsession. I’ve been there! It all started many years ago when I was a student at an art school in the Bronx where I had to use my meager student funds to purchase paints and brushes from the local art supply store.

This blog will help artists looking for quality art supplies in big cities like New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid and Tokyo.

As well as cheap art supplies in cities like Los Angeles and Vancouver.

My goal is to share with fellow artists what I have learned about finding the best quality and price for all kinds of art materials such as oil paints, acrylics, watercolors, brushes and drawing supplies.

I hope you find the information here useful and helpful.”                   -Kate O’Connor (blogger)

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Artists aren’t like the rest of us. They need special materials to do their work, and not just any old materials will do.

Some artists, like the Dutch painter Rembrandt, are experts at finding these things themselves. After all, he had to; there was no Amazon back in the 17th Century. But most of us don’t have that kind of time. And besides, we’re artists, not experts; we want to spend our time creating art, not searching for art supplies. So here’s a list of some shops I’ve found on my many travels around the world. I hope my fellow artists will find this information helpful:

New York City:

Artist and Craftsman Supply is a godsend to any artist traveling in this city. It is located just north of Union Square on 14th Street and 3rd Avenue — an excellent location for foot traffic — and it has everything you could possibly want or need (and quite a lot you don’t). There’s also an art supply shop near Lincoln Center that I haven’t visited but which might be worth checking out if you’re looking for something specific:

Art & Frame Supply Corporation

230 West 57th Street

New York, NY 10019-1101

Tel: 212

Shopping for art supplies in New York City is an experience that every artist must undergo at least once. The city is home to scores of art supply shops, many of which carry products that may be difficult or impossible to find elsewhere. In the past, I’ve written about the advantages of shopping in New York, focusing on some of my favorite stores and recommending several online resources for purchasing art supplies online. The following post will help you take advantage of this wonderful city, providing a guide to finding the right art supplies in New York City.

I’ve divided this guide into four categories: stores in Manhattan, stores that have locations both in Manhattan and outside the city, online retailers with free shipping to NYC, and online retailers who charge for shipping.

Note: This guide does not include instruction on how to choose an art supply store over the internet; there are several factors that make this complicated enough that it would require its own article.

“It’s just art supplies, it doesn’t matter.”

This was my mantra as I walked up and down the aisles of the local hardware store, picking up this and that, looking at each thing with a critical eye. It didn’t matter if it was the right kind of paintbrush or if that particular kind of canvas would be good for this painting project; I’d figure it out.

But getting the right supplies for your craft isn’t just about making sure your end result is nice; it’s about making sure you enjoy the process. If you hate doing something, no matter how nice the final product is, you won’t do it again—and then there won’t be any more nice final products.

And so, at least once every few months, I make a trip to my local art supply store to browse around and find some new materials to try out. In case you’re interested in doing the same thing but don’t know where to start, here are my recommendations on where to go in various cities around the world*.

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Art supplies are essential for any artist who plans to work in their own home. A good supply of art supplies can be quite expensive, and so it is always best to shop around for the best price. But how does one know where to look for the best deals on art supplies? In this article I will share with you some tips on how to find the best places to buy your art supplies in your city.

The first thing you should do before beginning your search is to decide exactly what kind of supplies you need. This is important because if you do not know what you are looking for, you will end up walking into a store that has nothing that interests you, and then you will have wasted a trip. When I am searching for art supplies, I usually go in knowing exactly what I want and then only browse around until I find it. If I see something interesting that I did not think of originally, then that is great, but never go shopping without a plan!

Once you know what kind of art supplies you need, it is time to start looking. What follows here are some tips on how to find the best deals on art supplies in your city:

When shopping for art supplies, it is always good to look online first. There are many sites

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