Saving Money-Homemade Spin Art -Tutorial

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A good way to save money is to make your own spin art. With a little imagination and creativity, you can have fun making your own unique spin art.

First, you will need to gather some supplies. You will need a set of plastic spoons, a marker or pencil, and some type of paint or ink. You can also add various patterns and designs to the spoons before drawing on them to make them more interesting. You will want to make sure that the paint or ink is dry before you start spinning the spoons in order to avoid any problems.

The next step is to draw on the spoons with your marker or pencil. Once you are happy with how they look, all you need to do is start spinning! If you use enough color and the right kind of paint or ink, your finished product should look just as nice as any store bought spin art!

My kids are crazy about spin art. They recently asked me to make some for them, but I was a bit reluctant because the store bought stuff is pretty expensive. I looked around online and found a few tutorials on how to make your own, but they were all lacking in one area or another. So I decided to write my own tutorial, hoping it would help others out as well!

This is what you need:

A jar of Elmer’s glue -cheap is fine

An empty egg carton (or something of the sort) with wide vertical sides-I prefer the plastic kind, but I don’t think it really matters

Paint-I prefer acrylic or tempera paint, but water colors or finger paints will work too (the colors will blend better)

Paper plates or cups-I prefer paper plates because they are sturdier and hold up to more use, but regular cups work fine too

Toothpicks or Popsicle sticks-the toothpicks are easier for younger kids to handle

A tray or baking sheet-you need something that can take heat without melting the plastic. I use a metal cookie sheet, with parchment paper on top

A microwave-you need this to melt the glue so you can spread it

It’s easy to make your own spin art! This is a fun, rainy day craft for kids and adults.

All you need are paper plates, food coloring, shower curtain hooks (or other type of wire), and a pencil.

First, sketch your design on the paper plate. Then draw a line on the plate so that you can see where to cut it. This will be your guide when you’re cutting it in half.

Next, take your pencil and poke holes in the paper plate near the edge. These will be the “spokes” that hold the paper plate together once it’s finished spinning.

After you’ve poked the holes, cut the plate in half lengthwise with scissors. The hole should be small enough so that it doesn’t go all the way through the paper plate. You may need to use a knife or an X-Acto knife to cut through if you have really tough paper plates.

Cut out 2 or 3 circles from a piece of cardboard or scrapbooking paper to put in between each layer of food coloring. When you put these discs between each layer of food coloring, they will help give your spin art its shape as it spins.

Slide in your circles between each layer of food coloring before you glue

Make your own spin art using just a few supplies. This is a fun, easy art project for kids and adults alike.

What you need:

1. Colored pencils or crayons (at least 8 different colors)

2. Clear plastic cups (at least four)

3. A spoon to stir the ingredients

4. Paper plates or paper towels to cover your work surface

5. Water

6. Food coloring (optional)

7. Paper towels and newspaper to catch the drips

8. Tape or glue to fasten the paper down if necessary”

You will need:

A cardboard box lid (just the white part).

Dry tempera paint. We used the kind you mix with water.

Paint brushes.

Spin art paper. You can buy it at most craft stores, or make your own using construction paper.

Glue dots. These are great for sticking the paper to the box lid, but you can also use tape or glue.

Tissue paper or crepe paper streamers (optional). We got ours at a local crafts store. It is sticky on one side and comes in lots of fun colors and patterns!

Start by cutting out a square of spin art paper slightly larger than the lid you are using. Stick it to the cardboard with some glue dots. Pour some paint into a shallow dish, then dip your paintbrush in it and drag it around on the paper to make a design! When you’re done, let the paint dry until it’s no longer wet to the touch, then peel off the paper and repeat if you want more layers of paint.

We wrote our names on the bottom of our spin art “canvases” so people would know who made them! (You may want to do this too, unless you plan to keep your spin

You will need: * Plastic Tubing or Vinyl Tubing * Paint – Oil based is best. Latex and water colour don’t work well. * A Drill with a Hole Bit that will fit the tubing you choose. (3/8″ for 1/4″ tubing, 1/2″ for 3/8″ tubing) * A Round object to use as a base for the spin art (A pie plate works well). * A Stick to spin the paint around on the base.(A dowel rod works well)

1. Remove Drill Bit from chuck of drill, insert tubing into chuck and tighten back into place.

2. Place round object on base of spin art, then place tubing on top of round object and hold in place with hand or clamp while drilling hole. Make sure you are drilling straight down so that the spinning paint tube goes straight through the center of the round base.

3. Remove tubing and drill bit from chuck and insert stick into hole in your round base piece and re-insert chuck into drill.

4. Hold drill straight up and down over your paint can and allow paint to slowly start dripping out of end of tubing into your paint can while holding stick at an angle against side of can, use stick to spin around

Spin art is a simple way to make art from a few simple materials. It can be done with or without the use of a drill, and the results are often striking.

The supplies needed are fairly common and inexpensive. You will need a spinner (a motorized one is best, but you can make do with hand-crank if you’re patient), some paint, an object to put on the spinner, and something to put in the center of the object–this would be an object that has a hole through it like a pencil, spoon or straw. The object should also have a flat bottom.


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