Mood Warming Blues

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The color of the walls can have a significant impact on your moods. Both in regard to how you feel about the wall colors but also in how you are feeling when you are around them. Your sense of well-being and mood is directly related to the surroundings that you are in.

The way that the walls surrounding you make you feel will be directly related to your environment, so if you don’t like the way that your room is making you feel, then a change of paint can make all the difference.

The first thing to remember about painting is that it’s not just for walls. Painting furniture and other interior items can create the perfect ambiance for any room. It can also help to tie together rooms and make them flow better if they share common colors between them.

These color effects of walls can have a very different effect on our emotional response to certain atmospheres and surroundings. The use of color psychology has been used to great effect when designing advertisements, as well as other areas where color plays a large role in the public mind.

A common misconception is that all the rooms in a home should be painted in the same color. This is not true at all. In fact, a home can look great when each room has its own unique color scheme and theme.

When choosing a color for your walls, you may have to decide on more than one color. If you are choosing a color from the paint chip, it is important to remember that the paint color will look different once it is applied to the wall itself. It is also advisable to try out several sample colors before making your final decision.

The easiest way to choose a wall color for your home is by considering what mood you want each room to have. For example, bedrooms are usually painted in warm and near neutral colors like earth tones, which are relaxing and encourage people to sleep well. Kitchens are often painted bright, cheery colors like yellow or orange because they make people think of food.


The color of a room or the design of a space in your home can have a very large impact on the mood you are going to feel when you are in that place. If you are looking for a way to make your home more comfortable and welcoming, you should think about how colors and designs can improve the space in your home.

TIP: Take some time to look around your room, or even just your house, and see if there is anything that might be improved with color. Is there a wall that is too boring? How about making it match the other walls in the room, or maybe adding some sort of interesting design to make it stand out?

Homes are places that can make us feel warm, cozy, and relaxed. For these reasons, many people choose blue colors for their living spaces. Blues are very calming colors that can help not only make a space more inviting but also help you relax, unwind, and de-stress.

Teal is a color we don’t see often in home design, but it’s a great option for creating a relaxing space at home. It’s the color of water and the sea, which is why it’s so calming. It’s also a color that reminds us of clear skies and sunny days which can also bring about feelings of happiness and joy. Overall, teal is a great option for any room in your house because it makes you feel happy and relaxed.

Blue is one of the most popular colors to use in interior design because it creates positive emotions within those who view it. Blues have long been associated with healing, tranquility, trustworthiness, fidelity, and loyalty. This is why they’re such popular mood-boosting colors to use when decorating your home or office spaces.

Blue is also associated with longevity and stability because it’s never going out of style. Blue has been used for centuries as one of the most effective colors for creating feelings

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of objects, especially in relation to health, wealth, and spirituality.

It is based on the belief that a particular space can influence one’s life in various ways.

If you have ever looked at an aerial photograph of a city, you may have noticed the way the streets all seem to converge on the city center. This central area is known as the “dragon’s head” or “dragon’s mouth”, which symbolizes good luck and abundance. The winding streets extending from this area are like the dragon’s body and tail which symbolizes obstacles and setbacks.

The shape of a building can also be important. In Feng Shui, one should never place bed, chairs or other furniture against a wall because this would paralyze your energy flow. Indeed, it has been found that sleeping against a vertical surface like a wall can cause back pains and insomnia.

The color of your walls can also affect your health, moods, and even job promotions or demotions!

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