How To Make An Easy And Colorful Rangoli

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I am an Indian girl of 18 years old. I want to know how to make a rangoli. Could you please send me some instructions or tips?

Thank you for your attention.

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Rangoli is a traditional art form of India. It is done on the floor or walls of the house to welcome and invoke the gods, especially during festivals like Holi, Deepawali and Diwali.

The word rangoli is derived from the Sanskrit words rang (color) and oli (paste). Rangoli is basically drawn by applying colored powders and pastes on the floor using a broomstick. There are two major types of rangoli – wet rangoli and dry rangoli. Wet rangoli is made using wet colors and pastes while dry rangoli uses dry colors and pastes.

Til oil, mustard oil, sesame oil, ghee, wheat flour or rice flour are used as pastes. Traditionally, women in South India use rice powder or fine rice grains to make patterns on floors. In north India, colored sand or soil is used to make patterns on floors.*

Today we will share with you how to make easy Rangoli with just 4 ingredients that you can use for your next festival:

– Plain flour

– Water

– Vegetable Oil/ Ghee/ Mustard Oil/ Olive Oil

– A bucket*

Rangoli is a very popular art form in India, especially during the festivals. It is done on walls to decorate the place. It is also done by women on floors and even used as a sign of welcome to guests. It is an ancient art that originated in India but can be found all over Asia now.

The artists are called rangolis and they use different designs to make their work look different from the others. If you want to make your own rangoli, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. These are given below.

The first thing that you need to remember before making your rangoli design is that it should be pleasing and attractive. You can use your creativity to bring out the best pattern for your home. Make sure that the design does not make it difficult for people entering and moving around the house or for children running about.

If you are going to do it yourself, consider using rice powder with some food color in it. This will help you focus on drawing since you will have to cover your working area with a plastic sheet or table cloth so that the colors do not get spoilt. This will also prevent them from getting into your eyes when you are working on intricate designs like flowers or paisleys. You

Rangoli is an art of India. They are made in the auspicious occasion of Dussehra and Deepavali. The designs are made with rice flour and different kinds of colors. Mostly the patterns are made on the floors or outside the houses. The colorful rangoli designs are attractive and beautiful to look at. It is said that rangoli is done to keep away evil spirits and to make houses look beautiful.

The word “rangoli” means colours drawn on ground, floor or any flat surface. A more common word used in this regard is “sindooram”. In South India, it is called as Kolam.

Usually, rangolis are drawn by women on special occasions like festivals, weddings and housewarmings.

A variety of rangoli patterns can be created depending upon the imagination of the artiste. The patterns evoke a sense of joy and happiness and make the surroundings beautiful. It is believed that rangolis bring prosperity, peace, good luck and wealth to homes.

Rangolis usually have five basic shapes – squares, triangles, circles, diamond shapes and lines which have no definite shape or size. These can be put together to make many amazing designs which will definitely add color to your home walls.

Sri rangoli is a beautiful art form of india for decoration it is done on auspicious occasions.rangoli designs are done on floor with rangoli powder and rice.

It is very easy to make rangoli at home from rice flour,milk,oil and dyes of different colors.

Sri rangoli is a tradition in every indian home for auspicious occasion like weddings, festivals etc. It brings happiness in the home and good luck too.

The best way to display Sri Rangoli is on the floor of your house or office or any place you want to decorate. You can also do this art work on walls, door or any flat surface.

It gives a vibrant look to your place and also one can learn to make a rangoli at home following these step by step instructions.

Rangoli is a beautiful art that is used to beautify the entrance of a house. Rangoli can be made by anyone with little or no effort and it can give great joy.

Rangoli is believed to bring prosperity to the family and also ward off evil spirits from entering the house. The colours used in rangoli have specific meanings, so red symbolizes purity, green represents good fortune and yellow is for auspiciousness.

According to a Hindu myth, rangoli designs are supposed to be drawn by a woman while reciting prayers. But nowadays many people even men prefer drawing rangolis at home as it gives them a sense of satisfaction after their hard work.

Rangolis are drawn by using rice flour colour or powdered colors which is more commonly used nowadays. However, some people use flowers too to make beautiful shapes, designs and patterns on floors.

Rangolis are mainly drawn in Indian households especially during festivals such as Diwali and Holi. It makes the house look bright and colourful during these occasions even if they use simple colours like red, yellow or orange.

While making rangoli it is very important to keep it clean because it will increase its life span and will also make sure that it does not harm you when you

Rangoli is a traditional art form of India. It’s making a beautiful pattern with colored powders on the floor. It can be made by using gems, flowers or any other materials.

The word ‘rangoli’ is derived from the Sanskrit word rangaka or ranga-kali, which stands for “colored drawings.”

Rangoli can be made either on the floor or on walls and floors. It’s very easy way to decorate your home with colourful drawings. Rangolies are drawn during various festivals like Diwali, Holi and Ugadi etc.

It is done with different type of rangoli colors – white, red, yellow and orange. For example it can be red rangoli which will depict various Gods and Goddesses. People use different rangoli designs to depict their life stories and culture.

Rangoli designs are made in many different ways like geometric patterns, floral patterns etc. Although it is an ancient art but now it has been modified according to modern day needs and preferences

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