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Art is everywhere, but it often seems to be invisible. That is because we usually expect to find art only in museums or galleries. But art is made for the public. It doesn’t make sense to hide it away.

The mission of Learn About Public Art is to share knowledge about public art and help others learn about it, too. It is a blog about public art and matters related to it.*

Artists create public artworks for all kinds of reasons. Some of them are about the individual artist’s interests, some of them are about the community an artwork belongs in. Some of them are political or social statements, some are intended to make people happy, some have no meaning at all beyond their aesthetic beauty.

In this blog you can read more about those different purposes, and you’ll also find pictures of public artworks from all over the world.*

There really is art around you if you look for it. This blog will help you look.”

The blog Public Art aims to inform readers about public art by providing information on artists, locations, and events related to public art. It also provides educators with lesson plans for students. The site’s mission is to create a free resource for the public to learn about public art from all over the world.

Tiffany Youngblood founded Public Art in 2010 when she was teaching in an urban high school. After witnessing her students’ lack of exposure to art, she began blogging about it to share her passion for it with others.

Tiffany Youngblood is a visual artist whose work mainly explores the human figure and addresses themes such as identity, sexuality, and gender roles. She received her BFA in painting and printmaking from The University of Kansas and her MFA in studio arts from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has exhibited work in galleries across the country and participated in many national juried exhibitions including the National Exhibition of Contemporary Realism at the Butler Institute of American Art and the New York Open at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center.*

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Welcome to the Public Art Blog, where we share news about public art and artists, art-related travel tips and events, and information about upcoming museum exhibits.

It’s a site for people who are interested in public art, including everyone from tourists to collectors.

I hope you’ll stick around and visit often. We aim to make the Public Art Blog an informative and enjoyable resource for art lovers everywhere.

Your comments are always welcome, so please feel free to post them below. I hope you enjoy visiting the blog!**

There is a lot of public art in the world, but not much of it is any good. Most public art is a waste of money. In this blog, I will explore what makes for good public art and why so much public art is bad.

The best kind of public art, I think, tells us something new about ourselves or our world. Public art should be a window on the world. It should help us see things we couldn’t otherwise see, or at least see them in new ways. Public art should make us smarter, more complex people. It should leave us more interesting than before.

Public art that doesn’t do this — that doesn’t give us any new information about ourselves or our world — is worse than useless. Not only does it waste money; it wastes the time we spend looking at it. A lot of good art leaves us changed in some way when we move away from it; bad public art leaves us changed in exactly the opposite way: the worse it is, the more likely we are to remember it.

Public art is a new form of art with an old history. Public art is not only functional as decoration, but also serves as a way to express thoughts and feelings of the society. Public art in the United States was a big part of the culture during the Great Depression. Although public art is no longer as popular today, it still exists in many forms such as sculptures and murals.

Public art is still popular in many other parts of the world. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, there are many outdoor sculptures that people have created to make their city more interesting. The sculptures range from large replicas of famous works to abstract sculptures made from metal or wood.

Public art can take on many different forms. Some public art includes gardens and parks that have been created as beautiful scenery for everyone to enjoy, while other public art includes pieces that are shown inside museums and galleries.

Public art is designed to communicate ideas and emotions to viewers through sculpture, paintings, drawings and pieces made out of materials like metal or glass.

The results of the art work are achieved by an open call, so that the public can contribute to it. Do you think street art is important, you should visit this blog.

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