Kinetic Sand The Fun, Safe Sand Alternative

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If your kids love playing with sand, then you should get them Kinetic Sand.

Kinetic Sand is the best thing for children that were looking for a fun and safe alternative to traditional, heavy and messy sand.

Kinetic Sand is colorful, soft and moldable which makes it an ideal toy for creative play.

Kinetic Sand never dries out like regular sand and never gets clumpy or sticky.

Kinetic Sand also doesn’t stick to kids’ hands or get into other toys or clothes so it’s easy to clean up.

Your kids can have fun sculpting, squeezing and shaping Kinetic Sand until their heart’s content, without any of the mess!


– It never dries out so kids can use it again and again. (You can even add a few drops of water if they need to re-moisten it.)

– It’s completely non-toxic, hypoallergenic and safe for kids of all ages. (Perfect for preschoolers.)

– It’s lightweight so it won’t hurt little fingers or toes when kids are playing with it.

– Kids can easily shape and mold the sand into different shapes with their hands.

– There are no rules or limits on what

Kinetic Sand is a sand that moves. It feels like wet sand, but it is actually dry and does not stick to itself. You can mold the Kinetic Sand just like normal beach sand, and it will hold its shape until you smash it with your hands, roll it around in your hands or squish it between your fingers.

Kinderkinetic Sand is non-toxic and super soft – so feel free to use it as often as you want!

Kinetic Sand has been used in classrooms, daycares, homes and offices all over the world. It is great for kids, and also for adults who are young at heart. We recommend using Kinetic Sand with our exclusive Mold-a-Rama machine (available separately).

And if you like how our Kinetic Sand feels under your fingers, we also have a whole line of other products that are made with Orbeez! These include Kinetic Water Balls (great for squishing and tossing), Kinetic Aqua Blox (for building lakes, rivers and oceans) and even Kinetic Candy Fountains! Orbeez are soft microbeads that absorb water, which expand up to 100 times their original size when wet! They are safe for use inside the mouth compared

The newest addition to our family is a huge bucket of Kinetic Sand, the latest craze sweeping the playgrounds of America. We bought it over Christmas break and have been having a blast with it since, but we did have one question: what the heck is it?

So we did a little digging and found out all about this amazing stuff.

What is kinetic sand? It’s basically sand that you can mold. It feels kind of like wet beach sand (if you’ve ever done that, you know how cool it feels), but unlike regular sand, it never dries out and can be molded over and over again.

It was originally invented in Japan back in 2001, though not for kids-it was made for use by doctors who needed a way to keep their surgical tools from rusting. Someone figured out that this same product would be great for kids’ play, though, and it really took off a few years ago when some toy shops began stocking it. Now it’s an international sensation.

Kinetic sand is an awesome, moldable and squishy substance that feels like wet beach sand but doesn’t get stuck in little crevices like regular sand.

It’s easy to clean up, just use warm water and soap. It dries quickly too, so it’s safe to use in a tub or at the beach.

Kinetic Sand is also great for kids with sensory processing disorder (SPD). It’s calming and therapeutic and helps them learn how to make patterns and designs.

Kinetic Sand is a patented product available exclusively from Crayola, so if you find any other “sand” claiming to be kinetic out there, report it to your local authorities.

Kinetic sand is a new type of non-toxic sand for kids. It is designed to move and flow like regular sand, but it is almost indestructible and cleans up easily.

Kinetic sand is a special type of sand which has different properties than other sands.

Kinetic sand is non-toxic, moldable and squeezable, vibrant colored and cleanable up with water. Though kinetic sand looks like regular play sand it is not the same thing. Kinetic Sand looks like its name because it’s fun to touch and play with!

Kinetic Sand comes in canisters just like regular play sand. It is poured into molds or onto tables. You then remove the lid and get ready to play! Kinetic Sand stays put when you use it to build castles or other structures, or you can use it to make art ornaments by sculpting it with your hands. It’s fun to roll into balls and bounce them off of each other. Kinetic Sand also sticks together so building towers and sculptures is easy.

Kinetic sand is a moldable, silica-based sand, similar to wet beach sand. It is sold in small plastic bags inside of a clear plastic egg. You can mould it into whatever form you want and it will hold the shape until you decide to squeeze the kinetic sand again, which causes the kinetic sand to loosen once more into its original state.

Tested in a variety of conditions (including wet and dry), kinetic sand stays true to its “sand” origins, with the added benefit of being able to be molded over and over again.

The maker of Kinetic Sand claims that it is non-toxic, although there are some reports of minor irritation after prolonged exposure. However, it does not contain the harsh chemicals present in many plastics, such as bisphenol A (BPA) or phthalates.

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