Juice WRLD Art At Its Best

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This blog is about Juice WRLD’s art, his music and the creativity he puts into them. It is not about breaking news, it is not about album sales or how many songs he has sold, it is not about how much money he has made. Everything on this blog is systematically researched from Juice Wrld’s tweets to articles from credible sources.

Juice WRLD’s online presence is an expression of his individuality and his artistic expression; this blog strives to support that and showcase the parts of his personality and creativity that are best presented through his posts. If you have any questions, contact me at juicewrldart@gmail.com.**

Juice Wrld is a young rapper from the suburbs of Chicago, and his music has been a refreshing change from the trap, mumble rap that is so popular. Juice WRLD’s art is simply amazing. His lyrics are meaningful and relatable to all his listeners. He has a large following on social media, especially Instagram. Juice WRLD is an artist whose work deserves to be recognized.

Juice WRLD’s art is not only seen in his music, but also seen in his tattoos. Some of his tattoos are dedicated to people he loves and rappers who inspired him growing up as well as some of his own poetry and drawings.

Some of his work includes images of himself with a wolf tail which he believes represents freedom in which he can be free to be who he wants to be. One tattoo that particularly caught my eye was that of the praying hands with a cross on one finger and an upside down cross on another finger representing Christianity and Satanism. This tattoo is so unique because it shows how he feels about religion: he believes in both without feeling conflicted about it. His most recent tattoo that was featured in his music video for “I’m Still” was one where he has the cover art for his first album “Bad Vibes

The art of Juice WRLD is really something to see. You’ll be amazed at how intelligent, creative and unique his art is. The way that Juice WRLD creates the music he does is really inspiring. If you’re looking for Juice WRLD’s music on iTunes or Amazon, check out his official music site here: https://officialjuicewrldstore.com/

Juice WRLD has been creating for his fans for a long time now. The art that he has created has been consistent ever since the beginning of his career, from his early mixtapes to his latest project Goodbye & Good Riddance.

Juice WRLD’s art is not just music and lyrics but also visuals, like album covers and merchandise. His most notable cover is Goodbye & Good Riddance which features a black and white photo of himself as well as a tribute to Mac Miller whom Juice WRLD collaborated with on many projects including their only studio album Sparta. The album was released on December 7th, 2018 and features many singles such as Lucid Dreams which became an instant hit after it was featured in the popular game “Fortnite”. Juice WRLD’s newest project will be released on February 1st, 2019 and includes his new single “Hear Me Calling”, featuring Lil Uzi Vert.

Throughout Juice WRLD’s career he has consistently delivered unique visuals that are both original and creative. His vivid imagination makes him one of the most prominent artists in the music industry today.

Juice WRLD’s new album comes out tomorrow and I’m getting hyped. Looking at the album art for his two most recent albums, it has become more clear to me that Juice WRLD does most of his art himself.

I like how each of the pieces has a sort of abstract, yet understandable theme. The drawing from “Goodbye & Good Riddance” looks like a dead body that is being cremated on an electric chair, a fitting death for the man who did nothing but bad things. The drawing from “Death Race for Love” is my favorite because of how unique it is. It’s just a guy with 2 guns, one in each hand, shooting up above his head. There’s no real explanation needed here. Juice WRLD had at least 2 people killed on Death Race For Love and he’s just glorifying it in this artwork.

This duo of artwork really shows off Juice WRLD’s creativity and imagination. He could be making millions if he wasn’t rapping and instead was selling these works as canvases or whatever you can do with art nowadays. Art is one of Juice WRLD’s greatest talents and I wish he was recognized more for it.

Okay, so Juice WRLD’s music is really great and all. His latest album, Goodbye & Good Riddance features some of the most creative and poetic lyrics I’ve heard in a while. But the thing that really intrigues me about Juice Wrld is his art.

Juice has taken what could be considered a bizarre hobby–drawing–and turned it into an integral part of his artistry as a musician. He’s used his drawings in not only his music videos, but also his social media handles and official merchandise.  His art draws from many different styles and genres, from anime to realism to abstract expressionism. I’m still trying to piece together the meaning behind all of his work and how it relates to both Juice’s life and his music, but for now I decided to share with you some of my favorite pieces from Juice Wrld, including his new album cover:

Juice WRLD is a young artist with a lot of potential, who I think will rise to stardom. He’s made his mark on the industry, especially with his recent single “Lucid Dreams,” which hit

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