Let’s HEAT things up this season with the most mouth-watering culinary creations from the city’s best bakers

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The city’s best bakers: pastry chefs, cake bakers and chocolatiers are waiting to be discovered. Let’s bake a cake together and serve the best pastries and chocolates in town.

A food blog about food art is meant for those who love to eat, cook and talk about eating and cooking. We will cover all things sweet (and savory). New York is home to some of the most creative culinary artists – from artisanal cheeses, homemade ice cream and chocolate to the most unique cupcakes, cookies, pies and chocolates.

Taste it all!

The team of Food Art NYC are professional food bloggers. Our passion is writing about food and cooking delicious recipes. We love eating out too! If you have a favorite restaurant in New York or a particular dish that you think we should try – leave us a comment below with your suggestion.

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Food Art is a blog started by two people who love to eat, enjoy baking and cooking and are eager to share their passions.

Food Art is a blog for everyone who wants to try something new, test recipes from other countries or learn how to make something mouth-watering. Here you will find recipes from different countries, from around the world or from the city you live in. Sometimes they are traditional dishes, sometimes they are modern twists on classics.

Tasty, visual and easy to follow, Food Art aims to inspire you to create delicious food that will impress your friends and family.

Food Art is a blog that shares the art of food. Food Art is the creation of a small group of food bloggers and photographers who want to showcase the art of food.

Food Art is for both amateur and professional cooks, for all tastes and ages. Food Art is about sharing, exchanging recipes, communicating and collaborating with other creative chefs, bakers and pastry chefs around the world.

Food art is a term used to describe food that has been altered to look like something other than food. Food art is a well-known and popular trend in the world of cooking. Unusual, intricate, and impressively designed, food art is an actual branch of gastronomy.

Tasteful presentation of scrumptious dishes is increasingly a part of the dining out experience. Restaurants and bakeries are getting creative with their presentations, sometimes resulting in works of art that may even be more visually appealing than the food itself.

The name for this style of cooking was coined by Rie Cramer in the 1970s. Cramer is known as the ‘mother’ of food art because she made it popular in Japan where she held some of her first exhibitions. She earned her fame by displaying food sculptures and edible replicas of everything from flowers to dinosaurs.

Desserts are often the most common form of food art because desserts are naturally sweet and eye-catching. However, other types of foods can be used as well as long as they are edible and mouth-watering. Food artists use sugar, chocolate, hard candy, fruit molds, vegetables like carrots or zucchini, cooked pasta noodles… almost anything can be used to

Doughnut art has been around for a long time, but its popularity has grown recently with the advent of new tools and media for use in the creation of food art. With this blog we are trying to bring together all that is new, interesting and exciting in this field.

We aim to make your mouth water as you read about the latest creations and watch videos of how they were made.

Food art is not just another way to eat; it’s a creative way to combine art and technology with food to create new experiences. We hope you will find our blog a great place to visit often when you want some good food for thought or indulging your senses.

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Does food need to be art?

Doesn’t food have a life of its own beyond your imagination?

The two questions are completely different. The first question is about how you think about food. The second question is about what you do when you make food.

If you think of food as a canvas, it’s just a question of whether you’re painting on it or eating off it. Food is used in art because it tastes good, and because it looks good, and because it can be used to tell stories. Food is beautiful, delicious and meaningful. So why shouldn’t we eat art?

It’s not always easy to tell the difference between food that’s been made just for us, and art that’s been made just for us. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that important distinctions aren’t usually made between foods that are “art” and foods that are “just food.” But if you’re going to start thinking of your dinner as art, then you might as well start thinking about it in the same way artists think about their work- which means being willing to get pretty weird with it.

Food art is a new way of thinking about food that has become popular in the last few years. It is based on the idea that good cooking can be beautiful as well as delicious. But it is not a return to the sort of fussy, heavily decorated presentation of food that was popular before the Second World War. Rather it is an attempt to use some of the techniques and styles developed by the visual artists of the 20th century to extend the language of food design.

Taste and texture are still more important than appearance, but modern chefs — especially those who post on Instagram — are creating dishes that are striking in their balance and composition just as much as in their flavor. Just like painting or sculpture, food art aims at showing how something familiar can be made new and exciting again by using imagination and skill.

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