How To Start Your Own Fur Affinity

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How to start your own Fur Affinity account with a great name, a cool looking avatar and a nice profile.

There are many reasons to make your own furry art. It’s a great way to express yourself and gain more experience in digital art. You can start making new friends! And you can get more artistic freedom, if you do not want to use FurAffinity as your main furry art site.

A furry is a member of an online community that still doesn’t have a better description. Furry art is the art they create. is a website where they post it.

This article will explain how you can start your own FurAffinity account and upload your own furry art to share with other furries.

To get started, you will need to register for a free FurAffinity account. Go to, click “register,” and fill out the form on the page that comes up.

**FurAffinity requires you to provide an email address when you register, but doesn’t verify it at this point. You can enter whatever email address you like; there’s nothing stopping you from entering someone else’s address or even an email address from a completely different website, as long as it is not already in use on FurAffinity or anywhere else (not just unique to the site’s database, but unique even if you include any non-alphanumeric characters).**

After registering, you’ll be taken to a new page with various options and links, but before doing anything else go to your preferences page by clicking on the little gear icon next to your username in the top right corner

I’ve been asked to write a walkthrough on setting up your own FA account. I am not an expert, but I have set up a few accounts for friends. This is based off of my experiences with them.

This guide will be geared towards people who are already somewhat familiar with FA and want to make an account for themselves. In other words, this is not an introduction to FA, but rather a guide to making it easier to start your own account.

Fur Affinity is an art site designed for the furry-themed community, a large subculture built around the concept of “furries,” or those who enjoy anthropomorphic animals. Fur Affinity is run by an online community of fellow artists and furries who share a passion for their work.

The site offers a variety of features to its members, including forums, private messaging, artwork uploading capabilities, and more. It is also notable as one of the largest furry art sites on the internet — though it does not specifically promote itself as such — and for being one of the few furry art sites to offer free membership.


The site has been in development since 2004 and was founded by Dr. Samuel Conway, who had previously been a member of two different online art communities known as VCL and SoFurry. The site was originally intended for the SoFurry community, but grew to include all types of users over time. Fur Affinity has undergone several changes in appearance and layout since its release in 2004; it has undergone three major updates since 2010 alone.

It was a very interesting experience, and I’m glad I did it. I’m not going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to do exactly what I did, because it was a lot of work, and you may not have the same results.

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