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You are currently viewing DIAMOND ART CLUB

Diamond art club is a blog, which reveals the world of diamonds through various types of diamond art. It also provides information about the usage and benefits of diamond art. 

Diamonds are considered as most precious stones in the world, and because of their ability to reflect light, they can be used for creating marvelous & unique pieces. Diamond art club showcases various types of diamond arts & its usage and provides information about its benefits. Such as: 

1) Diamond Pendant: Diamond pendant is one of the oldest forms of diamond art. It consists of a diamond in the middle, placed on a metal setting with metal wires or chains attached to it. It was usually worn by women. 

2) Diamond Ring: Diamond rings are another popular kind of custom made diamond art, but they are suitable for both men and women. Diamond rings are available in different sizes and designs, and they can be customized as per the needs and requirements of the clients. Their designs have evolved over time keeping up with fashion trends, but still they preserve their characteristically rich look. 

3) Diamond Necklace: A necklace is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the neck or collarbone. It consists of a number of gems/stones/beads made into

Diamonds are beautiful. They have been used as jewelry for centuries. The artists who use them to create unique art are equally beautiful.

Diamond Art Club is a blog that serves to inform people of the art made using diamonds and diamond tools, and also as a showcase for artists’ work.

Diamond Art was an ancient rural art of India, which is now flourished in urban areas and got popularity among the young generation. It is an art of giving a new look to the simple things. You can convert a simple cup into a beautiful Cup by painting it with Diamond Art. You can convert a piece of cloth into a unique dress just by painting it with Diamond Art.

Diamond art is also called as glass painting, because it is done on glass with paints made up of glass powder or enamel powder or diamond dust or sand. The history of Diamond Art traces back to the period when glass painting was almost famous than any other art in India. It’s popularity has been reduced to a large extent due to its tedious process and high cost involved in this art form.

Here you will get information about the various types of diamond art, how to make glass painting, how to convert any object into beautiful object using this age old art form and much more…

Diamond art is a type of art that has been passed down from generation to generation. Diamonds are cut into different shapes and then made into jewelry of some kind. There is art involved because the diamonds are carefully chosen for their particular characteristics and then arranged in a way that will bring out the most attractive feature of the piece. The diamond art that is available today includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, buttons, and brooches.

Diamond jewelry has been around for thousands of years. It has been discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs and is known to have existed in China since at least 2000 BC.

Diamond art is an umbrella term for the artwork that uses diamonds as a medium. The earliest known diamond art dates back to the late 19th century, and it has since gained popularity in the 21st century.

Diamond art is often used to decorate high-end merchandise such as jewelry, clothing, accessories and paintings. The most popular form of diamond art includes diamond painting and marquetry, which are usually done on canvas or wood.

Diamond art is a centuries-old tradition that combines the brilliance of diamonds with precious metals to create stunning masterpieces of jewelry. The history of diamond art begins in India and has spread throughout the world’s cultures.

Diamonds were first mined by the ancient Indians, but their techniques for extracting diamonds were lost until they were rediscovered by Portuguese explorers. Diamonds are found in alluvial deposits, and early miners used panning techniques to find the diamonds. Although mining techniques have improved over the centuries, panning is still used today to discover some of the world’s most beautiful diamonds.

The history of diamond art is closely linked to the history of India itself. The tradition flowered in India during the Mughal Empire from 16th to 18th centuries, when many Indian craftsmen began producing elaborate diamond jewelry as bridal gifts for royal weddings.

Diamond art became popular throughout Europe when European royalty began importing Indian diamonds for use in their own jewelry designs. Diamonds eventually replaced rubies as the most prized gemstones; however, even after modern mining techniques have made it possible to create larger gems, many Indian craftsmen still prefer to work with small diamonds because they believe that large stones lack the artistic beauty and detail that smaller stones contain.

Diamonds are a

Diamond has been a subject of art since ancient times, with the first known use in jewelry dating to 3500 BC. In the 19th century, jeweler and diamond cutter Louis Comfort Tiffany made significant contributions to the design and popularity of diamond jewelry. Diamonds have been known to mankind for over four thousand years. The oldest diamonds used to be found only in a few riverbeds in India. The Indians were the first people to notice that these stones had peculiar properties. They used them as cutting tools and as a means of exchange between merchants. In fact, diamonds were once so common and accessible that they were not considered particularly valuable.

In ancient times, diamonds were associated with magic and mystical powers, because they could cut glass and metal, which suggested they were endowed with great strength and durability. People believed that diamonds gave protection from demons and possessed healing powers. These characteristics made them a perfect fit for religious objects like rosaries.

Many cultures have considered diamonds sacred over the years, with the power to ward off evil spirits or protect those who wore them from harm. The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds could keep watch over one’s thoughts during sleep so that no evil spirits could enter one’s mind while he or she was vulnerable. They also thought that the color of

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