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As a result, I am now starting a quilling art blog. I am going to share some interesting projects that I make with quilling art, as well as my journey on starting an art business using quilling as a focus.

I hope this will help all of you who are looking for some direction in starting your own business or have just started one and find yourself lost along the way. Please do not hesitate to leave me any comments if you have anything to add or ask.

Quilling is a craft of making artistic designs and patterns using quilling paper strips. The paper strips are rolled, shaped, and glued together to make beautiful designs.

Quilling art is quite popular in different parts of the world, especially in Asia where the art of quilling originated from. Nowadays, the art of quilling has been adopted by artists from different parts of the world who have started making their own individual styles and artwork using this amazing art form.

Tiffany Mok is one such artist who has mastered the art of quilling . She makes beautiful 3D works using this technique. Tiffany Mok is a well-known quiller from Malaysia who runs a blog at . Through her blog, she shares her expertise and experience about rolling, shaping and gluing paper strips to come up with beautiful artistic designs that are simply breathtaking!

You can also check out some of her tutorials on YouTube to know more about starting an art business with quilling as your focus, like youtubewatch?v=KFG7pJiHbzg&feature=plcp

How to start a quilling art business?

The business of art is not just about painting. Art can be made in many different ways by many different people and sold in many different markets. One of the ways to do that is to sell quilling art for example.

Tutorials about starting a quilling art business, how to make and sell quilling art, marketing and selling quilling art, plus a blog with interesting quilling articles and ideas for more creative projects are all here waiting for you.

Get to know this amazing hobby better, learn some tips for making money with your new hobby, and share your own experience with others.

To help you get a feel for what Quilling Art is all about, read what other visitors have said in their posts on this website.

Quilling art is an art that involves rolling pieces of paper into a needle like shape and gluing them together to create small pieces of art. It is a very popular hobby among both adults and children alike. Quilling art can be used to make greeting cards, picture frames, and other decorative items.

Truly the best way to learn the art of quilling is by practicing.**

Quilled art is an art form that is both decorative and functional. It is used for a variety of purposes, including scrapbooking, greeting cards, home décor, jewelry and more.

The art of quilling dates back to the 17th century when it was used primarily for decorative purposes. However, because it is a time-consuming process, it has traditionally been the purview of hobbyists who are willing to spend hours on end manipulating paper strips into intricate designs.

The current popularity of quilling as an art form can be attributed to the fact that it no longer requires the level of handiwork and skill that was previously required. Instead, quilling paper strips can be inserted into pre-made templates with ease. This makes it possible for anyone to take up quilling as a hobby.

Quilling art is a fun and inexpensive hobby, and it can also be turned into a profitable business. Quilling art is an art form that uses paper to create 3D sculptures.

The origination of quilling dates back to the 16th century, where it was practiced in Persia. The art form has evolved over time and was later introduced to the Western world by the British in the middle of 19th century. It is known as the Royal Art of Persia and is practiced mostly by women.

The popularity of quilling surged after the Second World War and it has been used as a means of therapy for people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression and also as an aid for those people who are undergoing rehabilitation after some illness or injury. Besides, quilling art is also used as a mode of relaxation. Those who suffer from insomnia have found relief in quilling.

Toys made using paper or thin wire made from gold and silver are generally referred to as filigree work or wirework. But if you use thick cardstock instead you will be doing quilling art. The most popular choice for creating this kind of art is feathers.

Quilling art can be created on different shapes like butterflies, flowers and birds etc. If you’re interested in making this

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