How to Draw a Butterfly Step by Step Instructions

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How to draw a butterfly step by step instructions.

Butterflies are colorful flying insects that can be found in almost all parts of the world. Their wings have many small scales on them that provide color and pattern. In this article we’re going to show you how to draw a butterfly in 8 easy steps.

Step 1: Start off by drawing a small oval as a guide for the head. Step 2: Next, draw two intersecting lines across the oval as guides for the eyes and antennae. Step 3: Now, draw the first wing with some curved lines as guides for its shape. Step 4: Draw the rest of the body with some curved lines below the head. Step 5: Next, start drawing the other wing using curved lines as guides for its shape. Step 6: After that, you should draw some small shapes near the head as guides for the spots and other details on its body. Step 7: Then, you should add more details like legs, body parts and more spots. Step 8: Finally, erase all your guidelines and add a few more details to finish your drawing!

Butterflies are considered the most beautiful of insects. They are so colorful and intricate that they seem to be drawn by an artist’s hand. Each butterfly is different, and their beauty depends on how they airbrushed their wings.

Trying to draw a butterfly gives you a chance to learn some techniques and tricks that will help you with other drawings and paintings. Learning how to draw a butterfly does not have to be difficult, but it helps if you have patience. And keep in mind that you will improve as you practice more.

How Do You Draw A Butterfly?

First, start by drawing a circle for the body of your butterfly. Next, add the antennae and then the wings. The last step is to add small details like spots on your butterfly’s body and design on its wings.

It may seem a little silly to go over the steps of how to draw a butterfly. But it is the perfect place to start. When you are learning how to draw a butterfly, you are working on both your line work and your shading skills. When you finish, you will have a beautiful piece of artwork in front of you, but don’t forget that this learning session was just as much about learning how to draw as it was about drawing a butterfly.

Step 1: Begin With Basic Shapes

You can begin this drawing by sketching out the basic butterfly shape on your paper. The body shape is slightly curved and is mostly made up of pointed angles, with the head being more rounded. You can make a small dot for the antennae and add an oval inside for the top part of the wings.

Step 2: Begin Adding Details

The eyes are small and black, while the pupils are large, so don’t be afraid to place them close together. Place the center part of each wing’s body directly under each eye, with only one small circle visible. To add more detail, add some stripes that run down from each eye to where the body connects with the wings. Also, draw some thin lines around each eye for some added definition.


Butterflies are among the most popular and well-liked creatures in the animal kingdom. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. One may find them flying from flower to flower or perched on a leaf enjoying their mealtimes. The butterfly is a symbol of joy, freedom, and beauty.

They have been portrayed as symbols of transformation and resurrection. Many artists have also used butterflies in their works as representations of themselves. The left-hand part of the body resembles the wing of a butterfly.

Butterflies are often used as emblems by people who are trying to enlighten themselves. This is because they believe that even when we feel bad, life can get better through adaptation and change. This is why we present to you ways on how you can draw a butterfly yourself. You will learn new ways to draw this winged insect through these instructions that we have compiled for you today.

Butterflies are fun to draw and they look really pretty in a picture. The butterfly is the most popular insect to draw, so if you want to learn how to draw butterflies, you’re in luck!

Butterfly wings attract us with their bright colors and patterns. They are often large and make an interesting subject for art. The shape of a butterfly’s body can be used for a number of different types of art projects. You can draw a butterfly or paint one on a piece of paper or even create a sculpture out of wire or pipe cleaners.

To draw a realistic looking butterfly, you need to take your time and not rush through it. If you just want to quickly sketch a simple butterfly, feel free to do that as well!

To help you be successful in drawing butterflies, here are some tips:

*You can use pencils, markers, crayons or paints. But remember that you will need to add more details when you use colored pencils or markers.*

*Butterflies have antennae with knobs at the end of them. When drawing a butterfly, make sure that you include the antennae.*

*The wings on butterflies come in many different shapes and sizes. Make sure that they match the time of year

This is the third step in how to draw a butterfly. In this step we are going to learn how to draw the wings. We will begin by drawing a large circle. This is just as big as it needs to be so that we can fit in all of the details of the butterfly’s wings.

After this we will need to draw two small circles and connect them with lines that are curved on both ends and meet right at the middle of the big circle. This will be where the butterfly’s body will go.

Now we will take our pen and gently draw some lines that start from the top of our circle and end at about halfway down it. These lines should be long and thin, but they still need to be smooth so that it looks like butterfly’s wings instead of a giant bird’s wings sticking out from its body.

After you have drawn these lines, you can erase the part of the circle that is under them and now you should have a nice looking set of wings for your butterfly!

Butterfly drawing is one of the most attractive forms of art. We do not know the precise date of this form of art but we have seen many beautiful butterfly images that are different from each other. Our main aim here is to discuss about how to draw a butterfly as well as its different attributes.

We will first discuss about the body parts and then will discuss about the wings and antennae.

Mostly, butterflies have been drawn in an upright position with wings spread out. But they can be drawn in any position or even can be huddled together to form a cluster. The colours and patterns on the wing vary from species to species and it also depends upon their moods. Butterflies can be male or female depending on their wing patterns.

Some species of butterflies are very large in size and some are very small in size with the largest species being Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing ( Ornithoptera alexandrae ). The smallest is found in Hawaii, where it measures only 0.4 inches (1 cm). Some butterflies have very colourful wings with black veins which show when they fly quickly.

Kemp’s Four-Spot Ladybird Beetle ( Coccinella quatuordecimpustulata ) gets its name from its spots which resemble

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