How to become a map artist

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This is a blog about the profession of making and selling map art such as custom maps, globes, and prints. It is intended to give you some insight on becoming a map artist and creating your own business in this field.

We also offer our expertise in the field of map design and custom map making. For example, we have experience in creating custom world maps, U.S. maps, custom state maps, historic maps, real estate maps, political maps, fantasy maps, and game of thrones map artwork.

Making and selling map art such as custom maps, globes, and prints is a specialized business. Good map artwork requires both technical skill and artistic talent. Most of the world’s great map artists are self taught. The good news is that you can learn how to draw beautiful maps by reading books about cartography and by doing the exercises in them.

The website teaches beginning and intermediate skills for making beautiful maps, custom globes, wall maps, and other forms of map art.

The blog contains tips for professional and aspiring map artists, reviews of map making books, links to other websites about making maps, and discussions of cartographic issues such as projections and GIS data sources.

Map art is a career and an art. For someone wanting to make map art, the first question is what sort of map art they would like to make. Custom maps, globes, and prints are all types of map art that can be made by more than one person. So the second question is what type of map art do you want to make?

Telling people about your map art business is important. Use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to connect with other map artists and customers so you can learn from them and have them work with you. Also use these social media sites to tell people about your products that you might sell.

Finally, try to find out about related businesses as well so you can get ideas for your own business.

If you want to become a map artist, this blog will help you learn about the profession of making and selling custom maps. It offers tips for becoming a professional map maker, as well as news and opinions about the business and art of making maps. I have been a professional map artist since 2004. My name is Tom Patterson, and I work out of my home studio in Seattle Washington.

I have been drawing maps since I was a kid. In 2003, I quit my job at Microsoft, where I was working on Encarta, and began developing the skills necessary to make a living as a freelance map artist. My wife Sarah and I launched a full-time freelance map business in 2004. It has been our only source of income ever since.

In 2006, Sarah left her job as well to pursue her passion for photography full-time. We run our businesses together from home in Seattle using an affordable office setup that works really well.

If you are interested in map art, my blog is a good place to start. I discuss tips and tricks, give advice, and post news on the industry. I also have a section with a list of resources that will help you learn as much as you want about the subject.

I have been making maps since 2010, but I started making them since 1999 when I was 10 years old. Making maps has been my passion for 15 years now. I am a professional cartographer and work for several different companies at the same time.

When it comes to my website, I try to keep it as updated as possible. Every week there is something new added or changed from previous week. The website itself is designed in such a way that readers can find what they are looking for easily and quickly.

The website is also designed with SEO in mind. It is optimized for keywords associated with map making, custom world map art, custom world globe art, custom world map prints and custom world globe prints.*

This blog is about map art and the business of making map art. It will cover topics such as how to make a map, how to sell a map, how to make money making maps, tips for making money selling maps, and so forth.

Aside from general articles this site will also have a section devoted to specific posts written by map artists on the topic of how they made money selling their art.

This site is intended to help artists get started in the business of making and selling custom maps. Anyone who wants to make money selling custom maps can use this blog as a resource.

Fields covered in the blog include:

*How to make a map

*How to sell a map

*How to make money selling custom maps

*Tips for selling custom maps

The site is divided into 3 main sections:

Description: How-to guides for creating your own map art such as globes, wall maps, customized world maps, and more. Each guide will outline step-by-step instructions with plenty of pictures showing you exactly what you need to do. No fancy-schmancy writing here just simple step by step instructions that even a monkey could follow. By the time you finish reading these guides you’ll be well on your way towards

Creating a map is an artform. It calls for a combination of artistic ability and cartographic experience. A map artist will use both of these to create a new piece in the form of a print, framed art, or compass rose.

While developing your own style, there are many things to consider and keep in mind when designing a map. But even if you’re not making your own maps from scratch, you can still add something special to your home by giving it a custom look with some decorative pieces.

Your walls can be transformed into something more than just a place to hang pictures by framing your favorite travel photos or adding other special touches, like decals or wall appliques. If you are looking for something really unique, try using one of our custom maps on your walls so that you can enjoy all the benefits of having a map without any of the hassles of actually having to find and make one yourself!

If you want to create your very own custom map, but aren’t sure where to start, this blog is the perfect resource for people who want to learn how to make maps or improve their skills. Here you will find tutorials, tips and tricks, ideas to help you get started, as well as links and resources that will help you grow

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