How Do I Order Alex Grey Art from A blog around ordering alex grey art prints.

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You are currently viewing How Do I Order Alex Grey Art from A blog around ordering alex grey art prints.

Alex Grey is an internationally known visionary artist. How Do I Order Alex Grey Art from A blog around ordering alex grey art prints. The following are instructions on how to order Alex Grey art prints from

Step 1: Go to and click “Shop.”

Step 2: On the left side of the page, click “Art” and then select “Art Prints.”

Step 3: In the top right corner, enter the artist’s name in the search bar. Select the desired artist and click on the image of their work to view their available prints.

Step 4: Choose a size and price range for your art print or create a custom size by entering your desired dimensions in inches or centimeters in the box provided and then clicking “Continue.”

Step 5: Click on the image of your selected print to view more details such as paper type, edition size, additional sizes available and other information.

Step 6: Add it to your cart by selecting “Add to Cart” and continue shopping or checkout to complete your purchase.*

Alex Grey Art is the highest selling art prints on the popular online art website The site offers a great selection of Alex Grey art prints for sale, and has done so for years. Despite its popularity, there are many questions about how to buy Alex Grey art from, or what to expect from ordering such a print.

Trying to navigate the website can be a bit daunting and overwhelming at first, so I thought I’d write this blog post about my experience with it.

Alex Grey is an internationally famous artist whose work has graced album covers by bands like Tool and albums by artists like Jennifer Lopez. He has also published books on Transcendentalism and Buddhism, which have been bestsellers as well. His work is often described as “visionary art,” referring to both the religious themes and psychedelic nature of his paintings.

The first question that comes to mind when someone mentions buying Alex Grey art is “Where do you get it?” The answer isn’t always easy since his works aren’t sold at every art bookstore or big box store around (although they can be purchased easily enough online). This is because he has published all of his work under Creative Commons licenses, meaning that anyone anywhere can re-use his images for any

Alex Grey is a very popular artist, who has been producing artwork since the early 1970s. Since he started his career, he’s created thousands of artworks, and hundreds of these have been released as limited edition prints. His paintings and prints cover a wide range of different themes, including Eastern philosophy and mysticism. If you want to buy an Alex Grey print you’ll find that they are available to buy from many places online.

Trying to figure out where you should buy your Alex Grey print from can be a little tricky. There is a huge amount of choice out there, but not all sites are created equal. There’s no point in looking for a site that does not sell authentic Alex Grey prints. This is because the majority of the sites on the internet selling this kind of art will tend to be selling reproductions of his work, rather than original pieces by him. It’s important to check that what you’re buying is actually an original piece by him, and not one of these copies.

Has got Alex Grey prints? The short answer is yes, they do sell them on their website; however they don’t currently appear anywhere on their main page or homepage (as of July 2015). However if you search for ‘alex grey’

The question seems to be: Is Alex Grey art on sale? The answer is, yes. I think anyone who owns the book Higher Consciousness would understand that it’s a work of art and not just a book.

However, I don’t know where the Alex Grey art prints are sold at the moment. I’ve tried looking for them on but I didn’t find them. And when I order something from, it’s usually something else like an oil painting or a reproduction of some old master’s work.

Trying to find an Alex Grey painting from was something like trying to find a needle in a haystack. For me, “Alex Grey” and “Art” are two words that do not go together. :-).

Generally, prints are 12″x16″. If your desired size is not available, we will contact you. If you want to order Alex Grey art in a different size, please email us at with the image reference number(s) and the print size you are interested in. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote and availability.

I have been looking to order a few prints from the site: and I was wondering if anyone had experience ordering art prints online?

I would like to know if the quality of the prints are good and if they ship quickly? The site advertises free shipping on orders over $50, but does that amount have to be in one purchase or can it be split up into multiple purchases?

Does anyone know about their customer service?

Also, I ordered a print from another site and didnt realize it was going to take 3 weeks for the piece to get here, so I need to find a place that ships quickly. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you for your replies!

*Alex Grey is a contemporary artist best known for his visionary paintings and sculptures of complex, interwoven human bodies. The artist has been featured in the Emmy-nominated film “Bicycle Diaries” by director Tina Brown, in which he is portrayed as a free-spirited cyclist who taps into a stream of consciousness while riding.

Dance of the Dream Man features one of Alex Grey’s most memorable dream-inspired artworks: a vision from 1994 featuring a kaleidoscopic array of colorful forms. This limited edition giclée is printed on high quality acid free paper and available in three sizes: 11″x14″, 16″x20″, and 24″x36″.

This painting captures the essence of Alex Grey’s art, which is based on his interpretation of visionary experiences and dreams. His goal is to represent spiritual ideas that unite all humanity.*///

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