Get To Know Your Favorite Artists with These Great Modern Art Books

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There’s a lot of confusion about how to find the right art books for your library. Whether you’re looking for a specific artist or style, or just want to browse and see what grabs your attention, there are several simple steps to follow. If you like art books, it’s best to start with some of the better-known artists and work your way to more obscure artists.


If you would like to learn more about modern art and artists, there are many great books to choose from. These books cover the lives and careers of a variety of artists. One of the most popular kinds of art books are those that explore the lives and works of specific artists. A few examples include:

Jackson Pollock – The Man, The Artist by Robert Hughes.

Frida Kahlo – Appreciation by Hayden Herrera

Van Gogh – The Letters by Van Gogh edited by Leo Jansen, Hans Luijten, and Nienke Bakker

Pablo Picasso: The Early Years 1881-1907 by John Richardson

If you have an interest in learning about contemporary artists or exploring their works further, these books are some of the best options out there. You can even find some great deals on modern art prints or other products with these books included. When shopping online you will likely find that there are many websites selling these titles as well as other art prints and reproductions at affordable prices. What better way to commemorate your favorite artist?

These are the best books to collect art or information on modern or contemporary art. There is a lot of information on many artists and their works in these books. They are affordable and look great in your library.

Taschen Basic Art Series has a lot of different books in it. The Modern Art book is just one of the many that is available from this series. This book has more than 500 pages with 3,000 artists, including galleries, movements, and key dates listed. It includes some basic information about the artist and then shows examples of the artist’s work with some more detailed descriptions. Each artist entry also includes an image of the artist’s signature as well as an image of the cover artwork for one of their paintings or drawings.

This book was published in 2003 by Taschen.

Art books have been around for centuries, and the one thing you can say about them is that they have been around for centuries. Artists have been making art books since they first figured out how to make art. Sometimes they make them because they want to, sometimes because their publisher wants them to, but in either case it adds up to a lot of art books.

Thing is, not all art books are good art books. Some are made just so the artist can make some money off of people who like his or her work. Some are made because the publisher thinks people will buy them, whether or not the artists like them. And some are made by artists who really know what they are doing, but aren’t always able to show that in the final product.

And this leaves us with a problem: how do we find good art books?

A book is not just a container of text; it is an idea made physical. And books are often more than that — they are objects of desire, or beauty, or both. Books can be funny or surprising, comforting or challenging. They catch our attention and draw us in and help us see the world differently. For those of us who love books, here are some suggestions for gifts to give a friend or a loved one who is also a reader.

These books also make great gifts for people who love art but might not think to collect artist’s books. And since their small size makes them easy to wrap (and mail), there are lots more ideas for unique holiday presents below.

For kids: The Art Assignment by Alexandra Grant and A Letter from Serena by Mara Rockliff

The Art Assignment is the fun and quirky story of a young artist who uses her imagination to deal with her brother’s illness and her family’s financial struggles after the father loses his job. Readers quickly learn about the many ways art is used as a therapy in hospitals as well as at home. (Note: I blog about this book on my blog.)

A Letter from Serena is a picture book told entirely through letters between Serena and her best friend back home during World

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Modern art prints aren’t just ideal for creating impact on social media pages, websites and emails; they’re also fantastic for producing flyers, posters and catalogues too! Often referred to as digital prints, modern art prints provide you with a range of benefits, including being:

* Inexpensive – digital printing is far cheaper than standard methods.* Easy – there’s no need for expensive design software; simply order your prints online and upload your design.* Fast – once you’ve uploaded your design, it can be printed within 24 hours.* Eco-Friendly – unlike traditional printing methods, digital printing uses far less paper and ink which means that it’s kind of green!* Versatile – because they’re printed on high quality paper

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