Fire and Mandalorian iron armors

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There was a time when I was very excited about the idea of a fire armor. It was probably around the time when Hasbro released the first Toy Fair teaser featuring Boba Fett and his newly painted armor. I thought it looked great, and in my mind I started thinking about what it might look like in real life.

In one of my crazy spurts of enthusiasm, I actually made a little sketchbook for myself where I tried to draw up what the armor might look like if it were actually real. This was back when toy companies were still actively releasing designs before shows aired, so there was still a chance that Hasbro would eventually give us some concept art for something like this. Unfortunately, as we now know, that never happened.

And as we also now know, Hasbro had already abandoned plans for a fire armor at that point anyway. So today’s blog is going to be more about Iron Armor than Fire Armor. And I do have a cool picture of the Iron Armor to show you… but first let’s get into a little bit more background information on the history of Mandalorian armors in Star Wars first!

This is the second post in my series on Mandalorian armors (the first one being an overview of all Mandalorian arm

With the release of the Clone Wars sets, the mandalorian concept art is not a secret anymore. I began to write a blog about it. The aim is to list all the pieces of concept art and to give every single piece as much visibility as possible.

THe blog has been online since may 2014. New posts are added monthly.

Feel free to contribute in any way: descriptions, comments, corrections, photos, links…

If you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to contact me:

The blog is divided in three sections:

* Mandalorian armor concepts from Clone Wars

* Mandalorian weapons and vehicles from Clone Wars and Rebels

* Mando’a alphabet (coming soon)

One of the reasons I do this blog is because I enjoy sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm. The thing is, though, I also like to learn and understand more about what goes into making the things I love. So as part of my research I have been spending time looking at concept art and related materials for the new Star Wars movies.

Description:A blog about creating Mandalorian concept art for the new Star Wars movies.

The Mandalorian iron helmet was an idea that came from George Lucas himself. The original design didn’t have the horns on the helmet, but rather a skull. In fact, it looked more like a skull than the final product does.

The design for the cannon was originally supposed to be based on artillery that the Chinese used during their wars with the Japanese, in the 1400s and 1500s. They would fill animal bladders with gunpowder, tie a fuse to it, and then shoot it at their enemies. That’s where I think the idea for the cannon came from.

In order to make our own cannon, we first had to make a mold of the inside of our studio. Then we cast a plaster cannon inside of it and painted it black. We put lights behind it and I painted all of the designs on it using brushes, which I dipped into white paint mixed with black acrylic paint (the paint wasn’t oil-based because oil-based paints are toxic) and then rub-n-buff over portions until they were shiny and reflective.

I also made two helmets: one without the smaller ocular lens over the right eye, and one with it. The flat head armor is made out of fiberglass with some foam padding inside for comfort,

Concept design is a key element of production design and visual effects in films, television shows, commercials and video games.

Concept art is used mainly in the pre-visualization process of film making and design by visual development artists.

Concept art can also be used to demonstrate a novel or new technology to an audience, such as in the case of architectural rendering or to describe an object that does not yet exist.

I’ve been in the concept art industry for about a year now, and I have learned a lot of things. One thing that has stood out to me is that concept artists, who are responsible for creating the visual appearance of everything from spaceships to buildings, get very little credit. In some cases, a movie will make more money off the concept artist’s artwork than they did.

Thing is, concept artists create ideas that sometimes make millions of dollars for the people who hire them. They deserve more credit.

Here I will show you some examples of my work, as well as discuss some projects I have worked on and give insight into what it’s like working as a concept artist.

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