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For a long time I’ve been thinking that it would be nice to have a blog where I could discuss some of the new works of art I’ve seen, and also other ways to enjoy art.

This will be my first attempt at blogging. I’ll try to include images if possible, but in any case I’ll do my best to describe what I see as clearly as I can.

What kind of art am I interested in? Just about anything, so long as it shows originality and skill. In general the more unusual or unexpected something is, the more interesting it is likely to be. One of the most interesting recent examples of this was a performance piece by the artist Yoko Ono, who stood silently at a microphone for an hour while people paid $1000 each to stand in line and ask her questions. The performance took place just outside the main entrance to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City; you can read more about this here:

The two biggest complaints you hear about the art world are that it’s snobby and that it’s boring. I’ll admit that my own experiences with art were fairly snobby until I started a blog called The Art of It’s Own. I’ve been a writer for over ten years, but I’d never considered myself an artist. After writing a few articles on art, however, I realized that there was something special about the work, and I began to appreciate the art itself, not just what was written about it.

It was being exposed to so many different kinds of artists and art that made me realize how much more there is to see than just paintings hanging in a museum. In fact, even seeing the paintings themselves can be difficult if you’re not in a major city where museums are readily available. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and start a blog where anyone could share their favorite artwork or just talk about why they enjoy it so much.

The Art of It’s Own has been around for almost three years now, and we’ve featured hundreds of artists from all over the world and all different types of art. We accept all kinds of artwork as long as it has some sort of artistic merit, including photography, illustrations, sculpture, painting,

A new exhibition, “An Art of Its Own: The Broadsheet in Britain and Ireland, 1760 – 1820 ,” at the National Gallery of Ireland (which runs through Sept. 1) puts the broadsheet aesthetic on display.

The exhibition, which is co-organized by the National Gallery of Ireland and Tate Britain, includes a range of broadsheets produced between 1760, when William Hogarth was instrumental in bringing the form to public notice, and 1820.

The show offers fascinating insights into how early 19th-century British society received visual information in general (and advertising in particular). It also provides a rare opportunity to consider what happened to that style when it became a popular medium for fine art.

The mission of the National Art Gallery is to nurture and share a passion for art through exhibitions and programs. The National Art Gallery serves as an educational, cultural and artistic resource for the community. The National Art Gallery is dedicated to providing its visitors with opportunities for discovery, the experience of beauty, and a means for personal expression.


If you are looking for art to decorate your house or office, there are several options. You can buy a picture that someone else thinks is beautiful and has already been approved by society. This kind of art is usually expensive and will probably be produced by a famous artist. You can do the same thing, but get a copy of the picture instead of the original. While this will be much cheaper, it will still require an investment in time (usually) and money (sometimes).

The third option is to make your own work of art. While this option is often cheaper than the first two, it does require more time and effort than the second one. While you may not have to pay for materials or hire models, you do have to decide what you want to make and then learn how to make it in a way that looks good. This may mean taking lessons or reading books about art.

There are many other options available if you want to make art yourself, but this article focuses on three methods which can be used to make relatively simple pieces of art with relatively little cost or training: drawing, painting, and digital illustration.

This exhibition features new works by contemporary artists, including a group of international women artists that explores issues relating to the role of women. The pieces are united by themes of social and political oppression, violence, and the body.

The diverse body of work includes photography, video, sculpture, painting, printmaking and installation. The artworks in this exhibition engage with important issues in today’s world.

The DMA has a collection of over 17,000 objects that span nearly 5,000 years of history and cultures from around the world. We are one of the largest art museums in the nation, with one of the most diverse collections. Whether you’re interested in 19th-century American painting, ancient American art, contemporary art, European art or Asian art there is so much to explore and discover at the DMA.

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