Finding The Best Way To Display Your Cap And Mushroom Art Collection

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I’ve been collecting mycology themed art for a while now. The problem is I don’t want to display it on my walls in the typical way: as posters, matted prints, etc. I want to display it in an interesting way that brings out the artistic value of the pieces.

So here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

My idea is to make a frame from some nice hardwood 1″ square stock and have it engraved with a collection of all my favorite mushroom icons. I’ll then have the art printed on thin clear acrylic. The final product will be laser cut and the whole thing framed, creating a 3D sort of effect.

The problem is with the laser cutting. I’m not sure how much of the detail will be lost, so if anyone can help me out with this feel free to chime in. My only other option at this point is getting it done by a professional signmaker and taking a loss on materials and time, but even worse would be having them screw it up and getting no refund/reimbursement. So any help would be greatly appreciated!

I decided to create a way to display my mushroom art and other mycology themed art in such a way that it was pleasing to the eye. What I did was to use a wooden board with the dimensions: 40 inches by 30 inches. The board is then placed on a wall that has 2 inch gray foam board attached to it. This provides an even surface for the art work.

Setting up a display of mushroom art is not always easy, but with some creative thinking and the right materials, you can make your herbarium or mushroom art collection look great.

For those who are not collectors of mushroom art, but would like to be, here are some tips on how to display your fungal flower basket or cap and stem collection.

This article will cover some ideas for framing your microscopy photos, mounting specimens on cardboard backing, creating a shadow box for pressed mushrooms and latex stamp collections.

There are also some great ideas for displaying stuffed tarantulas, dragonflies and beetles in bottle displays.

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One of the best ways to display the mycological art that you create is with a shadowbox. These are simple, yet elegant pieces of furniture which hold a special place in the hearts and minds of amateur mycologists. They are easy to use, and they look great in any home.

T-Rex Shadowboxes

T-Rex shadowboxes are among the most popular options for amateur mycologists. The T-Rex brand is known as a high quality maker of shadowboxes, and can be found on sites like Amazon and Etsy.

Separate Pieces

One thing that many people overlook when they are purchasing a shadowbox is that it doesn’t all have to be one piece. There are often several smaller pieces which make up one larger box, and some people prefer this option. This allows you to mix and match pieces if you would like to purchase more than one box, and still combine them in such a way that they look nice.

One thing that many people do not realize about shadowboxes is that they can actually be quite large, or quite small. You do not have to stick with the classic medium sized shadowbox, as there are now options available for every size home or office. If you have a large space, you can find larger

Mushroom art is the art of mushroom hunting, gathering, photographing, sketching or painting anything related to mushrooms. It is a part of mycology, the study of mushrooms. A mushroom art collection can be displayed in a variety of ways and can be used as decoration in many places such as your office, your home, and even on your car.

Legend has it that Pierre Cardin’s apartment in Paris was decorated with a full sized replica of an Amanita muscaria (mushroom) made out of bronze.

Amanita muscaria is one of the classic psychedelic images associated with mushrooms. The picture above shows an artist’s interpretation of what the inside of an Amanita muscaria might look like.”

The art of the mushroom is a great way to start a conversation about fungi and mycology. The art of the mushroom can be displayed on your fridge, in frames or they can be given as gifts to family and friends that are interested in mycology.

T-shirts with psilocybe mushrooms on them can also be purchased. This art is a great way to show your appreciation for mushrooms and all things fungal related.

We have found some really cool mushroom art here at They have a great selection of products that are sure to look amazing in your home or office.

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