Famous Paintings in Oil Pastel

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This site is about oil pastel art. There are many famous paintings around the world that were created using oil pastels. Here you can find information about each of them and some history of this kind of art. Oil pastel is a technique used to create paintings that was born in the beginning of the 1900s. It has been used by many artists as an alternative to traditional oil painting and even as a medium for artwork.

The information that is included in this site is based on an extensive research of this topic online, but also on interviews with different people who have helped me to get all the details about these pieces of art and their creators. I want this site to be a blog about all those famous paintings which are made in oil pastel technique and where I can share my findings with other fans of this kind of art, so please feel free to leave your comments or suggestions in the contact section below every page, where you can also find my email address.**

**Note:** This post is written in response to a contest from BlogAdda (https://blogadda.com/)

Oil pastel is an art that is loved by many people around the world. Oil Pastel Art is a very popular art form which uses oil pastels as mediums to paint. Oil pastels are made of pigments and oil. They are available in vibrant colors which provide a unique painting experience.

Oil pastel artists have their own way of using these mediums; however, the end result is always beautiful. Oil pastel paintings are created depending on the artist’s imagination and creativity. There are so many techniques used by the artist to express his/her creativity in this manner. Oil pastels offer smooth spreads and great blending options that help the artist to create a colorful painting.

The following list contains some famous paintings in oil pastel that would surely inspire you to make your own art piece:

This Blog is about the wonderful oil pastel paintings that are created by many talented artists around the world. This Blog will also showcase some of my original oil pastel paintings, that I have created on a regular basis. Since I started creating oil pastel art in 2006, I have discovered many great artists and their work. Oil Pastel Art is a great medium to work in and it can be used to create any type of subject matter. The colors are very vibrant and smooth to blend.

Oil Pastel Painting or OPP is not just for kids or beginners anymore. It is a great medium for the experienced artist too. You can create amazing artwork by using OPP.

OPP has been growing in popularity as more people discover how versatile it really is. Artists use OPP for traditional artwork, portraits, landscapes, abstracts, you name it. If you’re looking for a new medium to work with and want to experiment in your own style of painting, then OPP is the perfect choice!

Have you ever tried to draw a portrait in oil pastel? It is not as easy as you may think. The reason is that it is difficult to achieve a realistic result with these pastels. A lot of effort must be put into the creation of the painting and a lot of patience is required.

Oil pastels were created specifically for artists who want to add color to their drawings but do not want the added weight or brightness of colored pencils and crayons. Artists who use oil pastels are likely to be working on large works that require a lot of space, so they need something that gives them lots of room for color. Oil pastels can be applied thickly or thinly, depending on the desired effect. They have the ability to create rich, deep colors while still being translucent. They are also easy to blend, which allows for more accurate blending from one color to another within your drawing.

These pastels are used in many famous paintings and great works of art. There are even artists who specialize in using oil pastels exclusively for their work because this is what they feel gives them their best results.

Hi, my name is Esmerelda and I am a full time artist, art teacher and blogger. I have been painting with oil pastels since 2006. I encourage everyone to give it a try.

I started my blog www.oilpastelartist.com in 2009 as a way to share what I have learned about the medium. As time went by, the blog became more and more popular and some of my paintings were featured on other sites and magazines.

This year, my dream came true: I released my first book: EXPANDING THE PALETTE: Using Oil Pastels in Mixed Media Art (North Light Books/Artist’s Library). If you haven’t done so already, please take a look at this fantastic book!

My blog is now read by thousands of people from all over the world every month. Last December it was selected among top 10 blogs for artists by Top 100 Artist Blogs 2015 . In 2012 it was also selected among Top 100 Artist Blogs 2012  by Top 100 Artist Blogs .

Here you will find videos that showcase techniques used in this technique. You will also find links where you can buy the supplies used in these techniques, as well as other techniques not shown here.””

After years of painting and drawing with oil pastels, I’ve developed a love for the medium. I love how rich it is and how easy it is to control. Oil pastels are one of the best art materials for the beginning artist because they require little skill but still allow for lots of creativity.

This blog will share with you the process that I use to create my oil pastel paintings. It’s not always a straight path and there are many times when I have to go back and correct or enhance an area, but that’s what makes creating work so much fun!

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

Oil pastel is a painting medium, an oil paint in paste or crayon form. While oil pastels are used by some professional artists, they are more commonly used for hobby art, for doodling and fine art as well as for technical illustration. Oil pastels are also used by children and students because of their ease of use.

Oil pastel is made from a combination of pigments and binders, along with additives to improve the physical properties of the pigment. The pigments used can be either dry or wet. Dry pigments are calcined and then ground with a suitable binder such as gum arabic or ceresin (a mixture of waxes). Pigments used in this way include ochre and carbon black. Wet pigments are mixed with a small amount of linseed oil. The resulting paste is then ground further, usually with chalk or an alkaline binder such as lime to produce the final product. The colours in oil pastel paintings fade over time due to oxidation of the pigments unless they have been stabilized using some kind of fixative such as varnish or gelatine.[6]

Today, there are three major manufacturers of these products: Sennelier of France, Lyra (

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