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I’m always looking for new digital art and illustration that’s inspirational. This week’s Digital Art of the Week is Sakimichan’s art blog. Her illustrations are very well done, with great attention to detail. She posts her pieces every week for everyone to enjoy.

Sakimichan has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Savannah College of Art and Design, and has been working as a freelance artist since 2009. She specializes in digital concept art, character design, fantasy illustration and more! Her work can be found at .

You can check out this week’s Digital Art of the Week here:

The person who created this blog is a digital artist. She creates and posts an illustration each week. Some of the images are available for purchase, and all of them are available to view. The art on this blog is incredibly lovely, making it a great place to find art for your home or office. The blogger includes detailed information about each piece, including the materials used and relevant links. She also shares her techniques with her readers, so that they can be inspired to create their own art.

The variety of art styles makes this blog fun to browse through. It focuses on illustrations of fantasy creatures, but there are also images from the real world. Many of the images are available as prints at Society6’s online store. This blog is a great way for anyone interested in illustration to see work that could inspire their own artwork.

If you have the right kind of interests and a lot of free time, there are a lot of places online to find free digital art. Sakimichan is a blog that displays an image each week created by an artist called Sakimichan. She provides high-resolution images with both color and black-and-white versions (for coloring) so that everyone can enjoy her work.

Tutorials on drawing manga, anime, and other 2D art also abound on the Internet. For example, DeviantArt is a site where thousands of artists post their work, including tutorials on drawing. Dreamstime is another site where people can post their artwork for sale or download as stock photos. If you like creating digital art but lack the artistic skills to draw from scratch, these sites are great for acquiring images to modify and use in your own creations.

Whether you are in the field of design or simply enjoy the art itself, it’s hard not to get inspired by Sakimichan and their amazing selection of weekly illustrations.

Sakimichan is a digital artist from Canada who has been creating art for the past 11 years, since she was just 14. She has worked on pieces for clients such as Disney, Blizzard Entertainment, Sega, Hasbro and more. Her distinctive style is instantly recognizable, but she still manages to keep things fresh and new through her unique palette choices and drawing technique.


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Digital art has a certain look to it, because it’s a product of the tools that are used to produce it. It’s not quite right to say that digital art looks bad, but it has a certain “digital” look due to the difference between what you see on your screen and what you see in print. If you’re looking for something that looks more like traditional art, you might try these places:

Digital art is really good for comic book style illustrations, though. Here are a few of my favorites:

The web is a vast wasteland of digital art. Tinny pop music, garish interfaces and clip art. Digital art is more powerful than ever, yet its most visible form is a screen saver.

What happened to the future we were promised?

Digital art used to have an edge. It was new and unfamiliar; its makers had the courage to create things that were strange, beautiful or just different. But by now it feels like the only people using Photoshop are graphic designers and ad agencies — both industries that feel comfortable with a narrow range of styles and approaches.

Thing is, there’s nothing stopping you from making art that is weird or different or interesting. It’s not some exclusive club where you have to be invited before you can play. The tools are free and easy to use and the web is full of people who want to see new things. So do it! Don’t be discouraged by bad examples (look at mine if you can’t think of any). And don’t listen when anyone tells you “that’s not how digital art is done.” You’re not doing digital art, you’re doing whatever kind of art you want to do.

I’m a digital artist and illustrator. I love to paint, draw and make pretty pictures. I’ll post a daily sketch I’ve done that week, process photos of the full paintings and other fun stuff. If you want to see more of my work, please visit my blog at or follow me on Twitter @sakimichan for daily updates!

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