Designing Mandalorians

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I’ve been sitting on this blog post for a while now and I’m still not sure what to say about it. Since I was a kid I wanted to be an artist, but I never had the confidence to continue drawing after class. In the military though, I found my calling, and started sketching again in my free time. Starting with Mandalorians and working towards a more traditional style.

If you are an artist of any kind who wants to show off your work, or just talk about the creative process then please feel free to comment on this post or email me at . I will be updating this blog with new artwork every week so stay tuned for more!

Thank you for reading!

Concept art is the first step in creating a new character. A character artist will use it as inspiration to create a digital model that can be used in the game or film. The digital model is then passed on to a 3D artist who will add textures and colors to make it look realistic.

Tales of the Jedi: The Sith War, Knights of the Old Republic, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars all featured Mandalorians, but they were all based on the same set of concept art. We wanted to create something new, which meant we had to start from scratch.

The first step was to find an artist with a unique style and an understanding of Mandalorians in the Star Wars galaxy. I was lucky enough to find one in Darren Tan.

Darren has been working for BioWare for about two years now, but he’s been drawing for as long as he can remember. He’s really good at it too; even at age 4, his parents could see that he had real talent. His dad got him a sketchbook, and he hasn’t stopped drawing since!

Darren graduated from OCAD University with a degree in Illustration and Concept Art and has worked on several projects including Titan Maximum, Ben 10, Spectacular Spiderman and

I’ve been getting an increasing number of questions from people who want to know what I use to draw Mandalorians. I decided to make a blog where I can answer those questions, show my process of creating Mandalorian concept art, and share tutorials and tools that I use when working on Mandalorians.

Tutorials I’ve posted so far:

– How to draw a Mandalorian helmet

– How to draw a Mandalorian mask

– How to draw mandalorian armor

– How to make your own Mandalorian symbol

I will be posting more tutorials soon!*¨´

Hi all. I’m a freelance concept artist from Sweden who’s working with Lucas Arts and Disney on creating character designs for their games. I have been making art for about 10 years now and have worked on many different projects for different clients and companies. Two of my proudest works is the creation of the Mandalorian design from Star Wars the old republic video game and designing the character of Agent Bishop in Tron: Legacy (2010). Both great opportunities that made me happy to be able to add something to such great franchises.

Tattooed Concept Art

I also draw a lot of fan art, since I love drawing but don’t get enough time nor work at it. Mostly my drawings are based on characters, stories or other things that I like a lot, such as movies, comic books or games. Before I started doing this kind of work, i spent alot of time on learning how to draw people, figure drawing and anatomy etc. I think this is important both to become a better artist and in order to create more realistic looking characters. I always try to learn something new when it comes down to creating characters, even if its only little things that can make me better over time. My aim is to create highly detailed images but without losing the overall appeal/

The Mandalorian culture is a sweeping epic, with a rich history of technology and culture that spans thousands of years. It’s our job as concept artists to bring that sense of scale and depth to life. When designing a character, it’s important to have an understanding of the context in which they exist, both visually and emotionally. To help guide the design process we’ve put together a collection of inspirational resources that we keep on hand while working on Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The Mando’ade are a warlike people, passionate and loyal. Because of their culture’s warrior nature, they have a great respect for the Mandalorian armor they wear. As Jango was the first to create this armor, he is considered to be it’s creator. The armor is more than just protection; it is an emblem that shows the wearer’s power, skill and history. It is said that a Mandalorian’s past deeds will always be known by his scars and the armors battle damage.

The Mandalorians are a reclusive people with very few allies. They have a strong connection to their homeworld of Mandalore and its culture of old Super Commando clans. They live in clans, or families, that are led by a chieftain and one or more councilors who run the clan’s affairs. This leadership structure varies from clan to clan, but all recognize the leader of the Council of Blood as their overall leader.

Most Mandalorians worship honor and history with religious fervor as well as showing reverence to fallen warriors (Mando’ade who die in combat). Despite this reverence for their own dead, they display total disregard for anyone else who falls on the battlefield.

Mandalorian society has been shaped by war for millennia, leading

I have been working on a new book called The Essential Guide To Warfare, which is due out in October. I’m really enjoyed working on it and I would like to share some of the work with you. My aim is for this blog to be a place where I can post my drawings as I develop them. It will also include sketches, designs and some explanations of what I am doing.

I will only post when I have something new to show, so there may be long gaps between updates, but I hope you will enjoy the work when it appears!

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